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NOTE: Different types of letters have been used to show the different generations of the family.  Below you will find the key:

Child of Lorens & Elizabeth

Great-Great-Great Grandchild


Great-Great-Great-Great Grandchild


Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandchild


Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandchild

LORENS LORENSON (b. 6/04/1860 in Tennskjer, Norway) (d. 2/23/1953 in Fergus Falls, MN)

ELIZABETH NELSON (b. 8/17/1860 in Seljibakk, Norway) (d. 10/01/1916 in Roseau, MN)

    Lorens and Elizabeth were married September 20, 1880 in Norway. In 1897, they came to Clear Lake, Iowa, along with Nikolai, Laura, Ludwig, Henrietta, Peder, Rasmus, Julia, and Edward. In 1901, they moved to a farm near Breese Post Office in the Middle River area. In the spring of 1902, they came to the Siberian Ridge near Strathcona and squatted there until 1905, when land was opened up for homesteading. Carl and Nannie Elizabeth were born in America and Mary was adopted in 1904.

    Elizabeth passed away of Bright’s Disease at the age of 56 years. Lorens buried her near their home and this was the beginning of the Lorenson Cemetery. Lorens passed away of Myocardial Degeneration at the age of 92 years. He was survived by three daughters, five sons, 51 grandchildren, 115 great-grandchildren, and 11 great-great-grandchildren.

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REV. NIKOLAI K. LORENSON (4/23/1883 to 9/09/1947)

Nick was born April 23, 1883. He married Ingaborg Lillegard. She was born on Dec. 25, 1886 and passed away May 26, 1910. She is buried in the Zion Cemetery near Greenbush, MN. They had one son, Norman. Nick then married Leona Brotten. Leona was born in 1894 and passed away in 1948. Nick died Aug. 9, 1947. Nick and Leona are buried at Bagley, MN. Their children are Harris, Bonnie, and LaVonne.

        Norman C. Lorenson (b. 1907) He passed away in 1999 at the age of 92 years. He had two children

                Carol - She had three children.


                                3 Children

                                        8 Grandchildren

                        JIMMY He died when he was 21 years old.


                Ronald He married Nancy. They have five children. (They adopted two of their grandchildren.)

                        BOB (b. 1953)

                        SUE (b. 1956)

                        LISA (b. 1962)

                        NICK (age 24)

                        ALEAH (age 22)

        Harris Clark Lorenson (b. 12/14/1914 to 09/1988) In 1933 he married Beulah Mae Magley. (She died in Aug. 1997.) Harris left a Minnesota farm and wife with 4 children to serve in World War II on the Battleship “West Virginia” as a gunner on one of the 5” guns. He was in 4 major sea battles on the Pacific. He was discharged to Seattle in 1946 at the end of the war. He stayed in the Pacific Northwest to pastor in the Evangelical Methodist Church for the remainder of his life. Beulah and Harris’s children were Leona, Lois, Stanley and Steven.

                Leona Zehr She and her husband, Clyde, live at 2133 N. 113th St. , Apt. 302, Seattle, WA 98133-8564, where he is the District Superintendent of the Northwest District of the Evangelical Methodist Church. They have two children.

                        KAREN ZEHR TERRETT (MRS. COLM) lives in Arlington Heights, ILL with her family.





                        MARK ZEHR lives in Seattle with his children.



                Lois Lorenson Ford (Mrs. Carl) She and her husband are recently retired from teaching for the Air Force in countries such as Germany, Japan, Okinawa, the Philippines and Korea. Carl was a principal.

                        MICHAEL FORD

                Stanley Clark Lorenson (b. 1/05/1942 in Shevlin, MN) He married Sandra Kay Crane on Dec. 7, 1960. They had 2 daughters, Kelle and Hilary. Stan married Barbara Dagny Friele in Bellevue, WA on Oct. 19, 1973. They live in Maple Valley, WA and are are both retired school teachers. They have 1 son, Tom. Telephone (425) 432-9381

                        KELLE JEAN LORENSON (b. 7/20/1961 in Renton, WA) She married Craig Farr in 1985 in New Jersey. They had 3 children, Paige, Harrison and Sean. She married Dal Arlin Talbot on April 10 1997. Dal has 3 daughters.

                                Paige Marie Farr (b. 12/02/1987)

                                Harrison Craig Farr (b. 4/06/1991)

                                Sean Douglas Farr (b. 3/01/1994)

                                Tristyn Lee Talbot (b. 9/12/1985)

                                Whitney Lynn Talbot (b. 11/25/1989)

                                Ashlyn K. Talbot (b. 4/20/1992)

                        HILARY ANN LORENSON BIRDSELL (b. 1/11/1964 in Ballard, WA) She married Bruce Richard Birdsell in Redmond, WA on Oct. 29, 1988. They have one son, Scott.

                                Scott Lee Birdsell (b. 6/20/1993)

                        THOMAS FRIELE LORENSON (b. 5/01/1986 in Redmond, WA)

                Steve Lorenson Steve and his wife, Carol, live at 133 Miles Ave., Valley Center, Kansas 67147. They are both Special Education Teachers. They have two children.

                        KATE LORENSON WILLIAMSON (Mrs. Christopher) They live in Eudora, KS

                        ZACHARY LORENSON He and his wife, Lacy, were married May 21, 2005 and live at Wichita, KS.

        Bonnie Lorenson Thompson She was married to Warren Thompson. They had four children. She had a heart condition and passed away in November, 1997.

                        Lynn Thompson




                        Mary Sutherland



                        James Thompson


                        John Thompson He has two children

        LaVonne Lemke She married William Whitney Lemke while he was a senior at St. Paul Bible Institute. LaVonne passed away April 10, 1948 and is buried at Bagley, MN. LaVonne and William had two sons.

                        William Dale (b. 9/26/1945) Married Sien Zacharia from Indonesia at Bethany Fellowship Training Institute.

                                WILLIAM ANDREW (b. 12/29/1972)

                                ANGELICA LAVONNE (b. 2/01/1978)

                        Bryant Edward (b. 3/10/1948)

                                JAMIE RENEE (b. 9/30/1975)

                                JONAH BRYANT (b. 11/1977)

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LAURA BERGETTA LORENSON BENNER (2/17/1884 to 8/5/1951)

Laura was born February 17, 1884 in Tromso, Norway. She married Alexander Benner in February 1907 in Grand Forks, ND. Laura spent many years of her childhood in bed due to polio, which left her physically challenged. They moved from Grand Forks to Canada. Alex was a skilled carpenter. They built a houseboat and they maintained a rooming house for loggers along the Frazier River. Thereafter, they moved to Montana. They worked hard against all odds to raise their four children. Laura washed clothes for the refinery workers. They both lived for and loved the Lord. Their love for each other and their hard work ethics will forever be remembered and passed down to every generation. Laura suffered congestive heart failure in August 1951 and Alex passed away in April 1941. They are both buried in Sunburst, MT.

        Alice Laura Benner Unz Matthews (b.7/18/1908 in Grand Forks, ND) Alice married Ruben Unz in 1924. They had no children, though she had many nieces and nephews whom she adored and whom adored her. She was a skilled seamstress and a hard worker. They maintained a large farm in Sunburst, MT., for many years. She enjoyed cooking and canning, and loved the Lord. Ruben passed away and she married again. Don Matthews and she lived in Columbia Falls, MT. It was here that Don suffered a heart attack while mowing the lawn. After a period of time, Alice moved to Devon to be near her younger sister, Audrey, and family. Alice passed away on Jan. 30, 1975, from diabetes and congestive heart failure.

        Lawrence Edward Benner (7/25/1917 – 10/25/1996) was the son of Alexander and Laura Lorenson Benner. Lawrence married Erma Mead Eckelberry on June 3, 1940 in Kalispell, MT. Lawrence and Erma raised two children, Darleen and Lonne. They lived on a farm all their life, raising their own pork and beef. They further enjoyed milk and cream from their dairy cattle. Lawrence was an accomplished wood craftsman. He retired from the timber industry. While enjoying “retirement”, he refurbished machinery and resold it. Lawrence loved people, traveling in their motor home, and enjoyed auction sales and missed few. He loved to go fishing, especially salmon, while visiting in Washington. They maintained a small smoked fish business on the side. He was diabetic, thus causing his loss of vision. The diabetes also prevented healing of a sore on his heal, caused by a foot pad, that caused a water blister. Unfortunately, it never healed. He passed away from Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and not a day goes by he is not thought of, as we know he’s watching us from Heaven. Erma loves the Lord. She enjoys her children, her 13 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren. She likes baseball, especially the Seattle Mariners, watching every chance she gets. Her hands won’t allow her to write much anymore, and she has stopped her handi-work, from which we all benefited. Intricate embroidery on pillow cases is her trademark. She loves getting letters and talking on the telephone. She plays cribbage at any and every opportunity, and she’s a self-proclaimed “crib-shark.” She looks forward to phone calls and visits with Lawrence’s two sisters, Audrey and Jane, their families, and any other relatives or friends who take the time to visit her at Heritage Place (171 Heritage Way #E2, Kalispell, MT). Erma is in a wheel chair and her diabetes is under control. She has COPED and is in oxygen 24/7. She has a constant battle with staph infection, so she moved this summer from assisted living to a retirement facility. Update: Erma passed away on 7/03/2005.

                Darleen Marie Benner Occhiogrosso McCauley (2415 Pine Drive, Ferndale, WA 98248) (ph. 360-319-9736; Email: (b. 6/26/1941 in Shelby, MT) married Thomas William McCauley 6/18/1977. Their blended family of five children and 10 grandchildren help keep them busy. She loves the Lord, her grandchildren, enjoys the computer, plays the piano, enjoys ceramics, oil and watercolor, making porcelain dolls, playing cards, flower arranging, enjoys their two slide out 5th wheel, and salmon fishing. They travel with Tom’s sister and husband, and in the last two years, have been on two Caribbean cruises and are planning a trip to Hawaii in Nov. 2005 with Tom’s family. He sold his business and retired after his NF2 brain surgery. Tom has recently completed 9 grade 7 prostate cancer treatment at Virginia Mason in Seattle, where they pioneered the “Sharp Treatment” procedure, and testing shows remission! Tom works part time for his son-in-law, John, who owns a retail meat store. Tom loves to garden, cook, salmon fish, and golf when his two artificial knees and bad ankle allow him. Their grandchildren are their top priority and they love to travel in their RV.

                        MELODY LYNN OCCHIOGROSSO SHEEHAN (b.6/12/1960 in Westlake, LA) married John Patrick Sheehan 12/29/1984 in Carstairs, Alberta, Canada. They have three children. Melody is a Cardiovascular Technician and she works for St. Joseph Hospital in Bellingham, WA. She does the bookkeeping for John’s variety of businesses. She loves tending to the flowers in her yard, and she’s the “transit system” for her children, who are involved in a multitude of activities. She enjoys many hobbies, loves to redecorate and read. John was a cattle truck driver, bringing cattle from Canada to the USA. He spent several years with Mutual of Omaha Insurance, reaching high corporate management levels. He then became a sales representative at the meat packing plant. After it was sold, he decided to open a retail meat store, where he also brokers meat and other items, and is heavily involved consulting with a Canadian group that are interested in building a “State of the Art” meat packing plant in Canada. He enjoys watching sports, including golf, any and all race car events, and our local Seattle Mariners. They RV when time allows. He’s quite interested in political and civic issues and he enjoys keeping track of the stock market!

                                Lyndee Marie (b. 12/14/1986) is scheduled to graduate from Sehome High School in June 2005. She has attended Whatcom Community College in their “Running Start Program.” She will graduate 12th grade with two years of college credit. She is a fine pianist, with 11 years of lessons. She was very involved in Celtic Dance (Scottish and Irish Dance) for 6 years, achieving the level “Open Championship,” the highest level in competitive dance. She is involved in the local chapter of American Red Cross, including positions on the Disaster Action Team and Red Cross Mass Care Team. She was also very active in Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and is one of two young adults to reach Cadet 2nd Lieutenant in the State of Washington, where she attended both the Bellingham and the Skagit Valley Squadron. She was the Color Guard Commander, Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard, and she was part of the Civil Air Patrol Search & Rescue Team that do actual search and rescues. She has helped save two lives and helped make sure the search teams have supplies and food while on a mission. She attended the National Honor Guard Academy for two weeks last summer (2004) in Norfolk, VA. She also attended the Emergency Services Academy for two weeks in Indianapolis, IN., the same summer. After graduation she plans on attending Bellingham Tech. College on their EMT program, and her main ambition is to become a US Army Helicopter Pilot on the Warrant Officer Track. (We are proud grandparents of our first grandchild to graduate from high school with such ambition, skills with the intensity for our military!)

                                Bradlee John ((b. 3/25/1990) is a Freshman at Sehome High School. He’s won several belts in Kung Fu Judo. He loves the wrestling team and he’s a “collector” of many hobbies. He has a unique ability of patience, understanding, and love for younger children. He plays the Cello and has dreams of becoming a Computer “Gates.” He enjoys all sports and he loves attending the Seattle Mariners games and Canadian Hockey. He’s an avid reader! He loves to snowboard. And, of course, like all teenage boys, is a master at all the video games.

                                Matthew John (b. 5/29/1992) He’s a big 7th grader, and carries a 4.0 GPA. He loves all sports, attends the Seattle Mariners at every opportunity. He plays the drums, he’s an avid collector and he enjoys many hobbies. He loves to play golf and video games like his big brother. He plays the violin and likes soccer. He loves history and hopes for a military career one day, as an Army Officer! He’s a “neat nick” like his Mom and very social like his Dad. He can name every military aircraft and weapon used today. He enjoys helping his Dad at the meat shop when he has time.

                        CHARLES EDWARD OCCHIOGROSSO (b. 8/26/1960 in Jacksonville, FL) He was married to Marcy Cory and they had two sons, Tyler and Ryan. He is now married to Jeanne Hanson (3/12/2000). They have one son together. Chuck is a sales executive for Coldwell Banker in Bellingham, WA, with the majority of his clientele being located in the exclusive Northwest resort of Semiahmoo. His personal website is He and the family just returned from an all expenses paid trip to Orlando, FL, for a week, due to his inclusion in the President’s Elite Club of Coldwell Banker, only the top 4% being chosen to attend! Jeanne was a Regional Sales Manager in the IT industry covering major portions of the West Coast and western Canada. Jeanne loves her big home and yard, hobbies, and aerobics. She now enjoys life as a stay-at-home Mom.

                                Tyler James (b. 3/02/1988) is a freshman at Ferndale High School holding down good grades. He is on the Ferndale High football team, which placed second in the state of Washington this year. He really likes all sports, especially basketball. He’s an avid Seattle Mariners fan and Super Sonics basketball fan, attending many games with his father. He used to model for Sears when he was 8 years old, and he had attained near blackbelt status in Tai Kwon Do – reaching his red/black belt. He’s a good big brother and he has a very beautiful girlfriend. He has a nice car and works part time at a local seafood restaurant. He loves to water ski and loves his family. He may pursue Culinary arts!

                                Ryan Charles (b. 10/14/1992) He loves sports as well, “Numero uno” on his basketball team. He also is a collector of many hobbies, and modeled, as well, for Sears. He’s a big 7th grader at Vista Middle School and he maintains good grades. He loves video games, and no one can name a movie he hasn’t seen! He helps out his Uncle John when he needs help at the meat shop. He plays all sports and enjoys his electric scooter. He’s an excellent big brother to Chasen, too.

                                Chasen Edward (b. 12/04/2000) He is now in pre-school at the local Montessori school. He loves playing basketball and soccer, and enjoys his big brothers. He has a huge collection of Thomas Trains and loves watching many different cartoons.

                        DIANA DAWN OCCHIOGROSSO McDONALD (b. 3/08/1969 in Bellingham, WA) She married Scott McDonald on 3/6/1992, and they have two children. She has worked for Costco for 13 years, in their return management office, which includes finding a home for all the store’s returns. She loves her new home, big yard, and working in her flower beds. She enjoys refinishing old furniture, shopping for antiques, and vacation to her is anything with “room service.” Scott managed the tire department at Costco in Burlington, WA, and also self-owned and operated Scotty’s Yard Care, which has kept him very busy. This was all up until a few weeks ago when his father, Scott McDonald, Sr., who owns his own construction company in Fort Collins, CO, offered him a partnership in his business. Scotty left March 25,2005, and Diana is waiting for this school year to end. It comes with mixed emotions, but it offers her the opportunity to be a “stay-at-home Mom” for the first time ever. They are excited; me, I’m having an awful time adjusting to losing the family and putting 18 hours driving time between us.

                                Ashlee Jordan (b. 11/10/1994) She is currently in 4th grade, and she’s a straight “A” student. She loves Celtic Dance and gymnastics. She has many hobbies and loves sports. She’s a “Lucy Ricardo” wanna-be and loves acting. She’s active in her Church, spends time with her grandparents, and is a hard working, quick thinker who never sits still. She’s a good big sister and she’s quite the help to anyone that needs it. She loves to read, and she’s very social! Grandpa, on any given moment, makes her chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and, at least once a week, takes her to school. She loves clothes, make-up, and jewelry, just as a preteen princess should.

                               Preston Thomas (b. 10/25/1999) He is named after his great-grandmother, Erma’s Mom. He loves baseball and basketball, but thinks he’s the only kid on the team! He’s rough and tough, and will start kindergarten in the fall of 2005. He also is a collector of many, loves Thomas Trains, motorcycles, and all toys with wheels! His aspiration is to become a “rocket scientist.”

                        SCOTT McCAULEY (b. 11/14/1968 in Bellingham, WA) He married Sheila Missey on 4/13/1996. They have two children. He is Tom’s oldest son and works for a Yacht Manufacturer company in Burlington, WA. They love to fish, camp, and anything that has to do with the outdoors. They spend a lot of time maintaining their new home and big yard. Sheila works part time for Ian with his dog food company, T W Enterprises.

                            Britni Missey (b. 2/13/1990) She loves horses, playing the piano, dancing. She goes deer hunting with her dad and enjoys new hair-dos, make-up, jewelry, and clothes. She enjoys many activities, including salt water fishing and river fishing. She has a big interest in rifles!

                            Sean Thomas (b. 8/05/1998) He loves school and will be the next Einstein. A big first grader and he’s a high achiever. He loves the outdoors, fishing, and has any hobbies.

                        IAN McCAULEY (b. 12/03/1970) He spent six years in the Army during the first Gulf War. He loves owning his own business, T W Enterprises. He makes cat snacks, dog chews, and dog food. He has been quite successful. He buys “lame salmon,” then dehydrates them and packages for cat snacks. He makes an array of dog chews. He loves to fish and hunt in his spare time. Ian has two full time employees, his dad helps him and so does Sheila. Lyndee Marie (his niece) is one of the two working full time, for the summer. He has a “lady friend” and we are just praying for another daughter-in-law and, maybe, baby one day!

                    Lonne Edward Benner (b. 8/31/1947) He married Judy Mae Sizemore in 1966. Divorced in 1972. Married on July 19, 1973 to Susan Alla Swift. Lonne is in business for himself. He owns and drives a dump truck, has a paving machine and is fill-in tow truck driver for A+ Western Canyon Towing in the summer. He works for Rocky Mountain Transportation in the winter when they need him. They are still licensed foster parents and have fostered 92 children since 1989. Susan baby sits their grandchildren and enjoys gardening and bookkeeping for Lonne’s many projects. Their address is 210 Sullivan Crossroad, Columbia Falls, MT 59912.

                        LARRY EDWARD BENNER (b. 10/10/1968) He died on Sept. 24, 2003. Larry lived in Ronan, MT, and worked in the community. The Pizza Café has a memorial on their wall about him. He was loved by everyone who knew him and it was a sad tragedy that he died.

                        RONALD LESLIE BENNER (b. 11/20/1971) He married Jennifer Lynn Chapman on Jan. 11. 1994 and divorced in 1997. He is working at Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish, MT.

                            Melissa Dawn Chapman-Benner (b. 9/23/1993)

                            Amanda Katelynn Benner (b. 12/02/1994)

                        LANAE SUE BENNER DAFFERN (b. 1/25/1974) She married Shawn Michael Daffern on June 5, 1995 and divorced in 2004. She is living in Tucson, AZ. Lanae is a Registered Nurse, Clinical Leader at University Medical Center in Tucson. She loves her work, hunting and traveling. She will be visiting Germany this summer with her church.

                            Lauren Lanae Daffern (b. 11/25/1996) She plays violin, takes dance lessons, loves to swim, goes to cheerleading camps and she loves to travel to Montana to visit family.

                            Tyler David Daffern (b. 1/01/1999) He enjoys playing guitar, tormenting his sister, school, his friends and is champion when playing his game boy. He loves acting and being in his Kindergarten plays. He also loves to travel.

                        LANCE EARL BENNER (b. 6/11/1976) He married Kristina Pearl Brennen on April 4, 1997. Lance is a licensed Farrier and was front page news for his technique horse shoeing two years ago when he lived in Camp Verde, AZ. Now he is partners in A+ Western Canyon Towing in Columbia Falls, MT, and he only does horse shoeing for his own and friends’ horses. Kristina works at Semi-Tool in the purchasing department. She is on a horse riding Drill Team. Tristen Lawrence Benner (b. 10/08/1998) He loves horse back riding, dirt biking, kindergarten, baseball, football and friends. He did some acting while living in Arizona.

                            Dylon Lonne Benner (b. 3/01/2002) He loves Mommy, riding in Daddy’s tow truck, thinking things through and playing outside.

                        LAURA KAY BENNER HUNT (b. 6/08/1979) She married Douglas Donald Hunt on July 21, 2001. Laura is a bank teller at Glacier Bank. Douglas is Finish End Supervisor at Plum Creek Timber in Columbia Falls, MT. They just moved into their new house. Douglas is an avid hunter and hunts everything from turkey and bears in Montana to caribou in Alaska. Laura loves being a mom and spends her time with her son.

                            Ethan Frank Hunt (b. 9/11/2002) He is age 2 with vocabulary of a 5 year old. He loves Mommy, hunting with Daddy, Gammie, Grandpa, Honk Honks (Grandpa’s dump truck) and the sand box at Gammie’s house.

                        LOGAN EDWARD BENNER (b. 12/18/1981) Logan is supervisor over his crew in a specialty cabinet shop, Samuelson’s Cabinets in Whitefish, MT. He bought a boat and is always fishing. He plays guitar very well, rides motorcycle, snow cats, and has card games with friends at his house. He puts on a great barbecue like his dad.

                        LANDN EVAN BENNER (b. 1/02/1985) He graduated from High School in 2004, was working for Pavers Plus, a paving company that travels all over the north western USA. Landn was home between trips for his Grandmother’s 85th birthday party. There was an accident. On July 28, he and a very good friend were messing around with Landn’s pistol. Landn removed the clip and his friend checked the gun. They thought the gun was unloaded. Landn was playing with the gun, as young men will do, and the gun went off. The bullet entered above the right temple and exited the top left of his head. The reason I (Susan) tell you all this is so you will understand GOD’S miracle in this. Landn is walking and talking and doing well. It was touch and go for a few weeks but will all the prayer for him, God has given us a miracle. GOD IS TRULY GREAT.

                        LEESA DAWN BENNER (b. 9/23/1993 and adopted in 1997) Leesa loves any kind of sports – basketball, baseball, soccer, cross country, swimming and running. Her 5th grade basketball team won county championship this year. She is always 1st or 2nd in County Rural School cross country meets. She plays on the boys baseball team with one other girl and swims like a fish. She also made the honor roll for 1st semester this year. She is Mom’s big helper.

                        LaKAYLA ALLAMAE BENNER (b. 12/02/1994 and adopted in 1997) LaKayla is Leesa’s little shadow. She tries to do everything that Leesa does. She plays baseball and basketball. She loves to swim, run and play with her friends but her best thing is art. She makes some of the most beautiful abstract paintings. She wants to be an artist when she grows up. She is Mom’s helper in the kitchen and gardens.

                Audrey Benner Wigen (b. 11/14/1920) She married Byron Wigen. They live at 29495 US Highway 2, Shelby, MT 59474.

                    Loren Heavirland (b. 7/04/1939) He married Sue Wiegand. He owns a farm and lives near Choteau, MT.

                        JILL ELIZABETH BRUBAKER (b. 2/04/1964) She married John Brubaker and   they live in Choteau, MT. They have 4 children.

                            Elizabeth Sue (b. 7/31/1992)

                            Nicole Francis (b. 12/22/1993)

                            John Loren (b. 8/24/1996)

                            Aaron Lincoln (b. 2/09/1999)

                        CHRISTI ANN (b. 5/19/1969) She married Brett Friede and they live in Helena, MT.

                            Patrick Neil (b. 9/08/1993)

                            Rachel Ann (b. 5/14/1996)

                            Staci Lynn (b. 9/09/1997)

                    LaVerne Heavirland (b. 11/04/1941) LaVerne has retired from his job with the Alaska Airlines and is now living in Helena, MT.

                        AUDREY ELIZABETH (b. 9/10/1964)

                            Amber Diane James (b. 7/08/1984)

                            Alexis Nicole Hodge (b. 5/15/1996)

                        LETICIA ANN HEAVIRLAND FISCAL (b. 5/22/1968) She is married to John Fiscal. They have two children.

                            Allesandra Doninique (b. 5/15/1995)

                            Timothy Richard Martin Fiscal (b. 7/17/1997)

                        BYRON ALLEN HEAVIRLAND (b. 9/10/1971) He married Carolyn Ruth. They have three children.

                            Emily Rose Heavirland (b. 4/18/1994)

                            Taylor Kaye Heavirland (b. 4/26/1996)

                            Kaci Jane Heavirland (b. 6/19/1998)

                    Loralee Heavirland (b. 4/02/1943) Loralee is retired from AT&T and runs an infant childcare center out of her home. Her address is 618 Highland, Helena, MT59601. Her Email address is TREMSO@MT.NET and her telephone is (406) 442-6246.

                        GREG STEINWAND (b. 3/05/1964)

                            Tristin Bradley Steinwand (b. 2/06/1998)

                        BYRON TOD STEINWAND (b. 4/01/1969) He married Patricia Sommerstedt.

                            Emily Ann Steinwand (b. 7/14/1999)

                            Sophie Grace Steinwand (b. 8/03/2001)

                    LeRoy Heavirland (b. 4/07/1946) He is married to Helen Lingschiet. They have no children.

                    Audrey Kari Wigen Kieninger (b. 10/22/1957) Kari works at a grocery store.

                        DAVID WILLIAM KIENINGER (b. 5/10/1976)

                            Tyler William Kieninger (b. 1/14/2002)

                            Megan Audrey Kieninger (b. 2/20/2005)

                        KATHY DIANE KIENINGER (b. 10/09/1978)

                            Kameron James Hardman (b. 3/25/2003)

                        ARTHUR KRIS KIENINGER (b. 2/06/1981)

                    Bradley Scott Wigen (b. 12/09/1958) He married Natasha Wolfe. Brad farms his dad’s share of Wigen Bros. Farms near Shelby, MT. He lives in Helena, MT, with his wife and daughters.

                        JESSICA MARIE WIGEN (b. 7/07/1998)

                        SAMANTHA RACHELLE (b. 5/07/2001)

                    Kathy Ann Whalen (b. 1/30/1960) She has come home to live with her parents and care for their needs. This was decided by their seven children many years ago.

                        AIMEE LEE (b. 7/05/1982) Aimee lives in Milton Freewater, OR, and works as a guard at Oregon State Prison.

            Violet Jane Benner (b. 6/07/1924) She died of whooping cough at the age of 6 weeks. She is buried in Sweetgrass, MT.

            Viola Jane Benner Bykonen McDermott (b. 7/08/1925) She married Doren Kenneth Bykonen on November 10, 1943 in Shelby, MT. He died on July 4, 1985 in Glendive, MT. Jane married Henry Edward McDermott on December 12, 2003 in Shelby. They both have pretty good health, but Jane has had Type 2 Diabetes for many years. It is under control with oral medication. They live in Shelby and their address is 812 North Teton Avenue, Shelby. MT 59474. Their telephone number is (406) 424-2086.

                    Rebecca (Becky) Lee Bykonen Coon (b. 10/19/1945) She married Larry Lee Coon on May 25, 1963 in Wolf Point, MT. Larry is a retired trucker. They enjoy traveling and spending time with family. They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren and a great-grandson expected in August. Their address is 813 River Road, Glendive, MT 59330.

Their telephone number is (406) 377-5575 and their Email is Their family is very blessed and all are in pretty good health. Donnetta was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. It was a very rare form of cancer called acute promyelocytic leukemia. Though it is one of the most aggressive forms of leukemia, through much prayer and a miracle from God, she is healed. In addition, both Ron and Becky have Type 2 Diabetes. However, it is controlled with oral medication.

                        RONALD GENE (RON) COON (b. 8/24/1964) Ron married Gail Louise Stalnaker in Glendive on Oct. 6, 1984. Ron owns a touch-less car wash named Auto Spa, and Gail is a home health office manager. They live in Rock Springs, WY. Their Email address is

                            Misty Lee (b. 3/27/1985) Misty works in a home for disabled people. She will be having a baby boy in August.

                            Tanner Gene (b. 9/23/1987) Tanner will be a senior next fall and helps his Dad. He enjoys racing four-wheelers in his free time, but was seriously injured last fall and isn’t able to race for the time being.

                        DONNETTA LYNN COON SHAAF (b. 7/17/1968) Donnetta married Brian Donald Schaaf in Glendive on June 18, 1988. Brian works for the City of Glendive Public Work and also sells Farm Bureau Insurance part time. Donnetta teaches 6th grade math in the middle school and sells Cookie Lee Jewelry in her spare time.

Their Email is

                            Justin James (b. 1/11/1992)

                            Jesse Lee (b. 1/31/1995)

Both Justin and Jesse excel in school and sports of all kinds, as well as being active in both academic and church youth groups.

                        BRENDAN JAMES (BJ) COON (b. 2/28/1977) BJ married Courtney Lynn Whiteman in Glendive on May 29, 1998. BJ is awaiting back surgery for the second time. While working, he fell off a ladder that was not stable, so he is out of work until his back has been taken care of. Courtney works for our Head Start Program. They moved back to Glendive in April, 2004.

                            Kaylee Rose (b. 4/21/2000) Kaylee will be starting kindergarten this fall.

                            Ashlee Nicole (b. 9/30/2003) Ashlee has kept Grandma company all winter and it makes her realize how much energy they have when they’re 1 ½ years old.

                    David Allen Bykonen (b. 8/03/1947) He married Clella Marsh on Nov. 26, 1966. David is a journeyman lineman and Clella is a homemaker. They live in Shelby, MT. They have three children.

                        DENA KAYE BYKONEN WELLS (b. 4/12/1967) She married Jay Wells on Dec. 2, 1992. Jay and Dena live in Great Falls, MT. Jay delivers heavy materials for a pick-up and delivery service. Dena works in a doctors office as receptionist.

                            Miranda Rose (b. 8/12/1993)

                            Trevor Jay (b. 9/08/1995)

                            Travis Scott (b/ 3/25/1998)

                        BRENDA ILENE BYKONEN MALLO (b. 2/26/1969) She married HJ Mallo on April 11, 1987, and they were divorced in June, 1991. They had 3 children. Brenda lives in Great Falls, MT, and works in an office there.

                            Brian Scott (b. 8/25/1987)

                            Brandin Lee (b. 3/22/1989)

                            Justin David (b. 11/29/1991)

                        SCOTT ALLEN BYKONEN (b. 6/26/1970) He married Vickie Griffin on April 14, 1990. They have 3 children. Scott and Vickie live in Loveland, CO, where Scott is an apprentice lineman and Vickie is a homemaker.

                            Shane Ryan (b. 6/07/1989)

                            Lacy Jo (b. 10/18/1990)

                            Shannon Lee (b. 3/05/1993)

                    Daniel Gene Bykonen (b. 10/09/1949) Dan married Doris Frank in 1984. They had 1 son. They divorced in 1990. Dan married Diana de Sousa on June 11, 1999. They are both retired and enjoy riding their horses. They live in Corvalis, MT.

                        SHAWN DOREN BYKONEN (b. 8/23/1985) He is going to Vo-Tech College In Billings, MT.

                    James Kenneth Bykonen (b. 10/17/1952) He married Carrie Perkins in 1981. They were later divorced. They had 2 children. Jim lives in Shelby. MT. He works as a prison guard for the Crossroads Correctional Facility in Shelby.

                        KAYCEE JEAN BYKONEN (b. 2/16/1982)

                        COREY CHARLES BYKONEN (b. 5/30/1983)

                    Paul Edward Bykonen (b. 12/04/1954) He married Bobbi Cline in 1979. They were later divorced. They had 3 children. All of their children live in Billings, MT. Paul married Janie on Nov. 7, 1994 and they live in Basin, WY.

                        MONICA ROSE BYKONEN RODENBURGER (b. 8/06/1980). She married Travis Rodenburger on May 21, 2002. They live in Billings where Travis is a night manager at the west-end Walmart. Monica sells Mary Kay Cosmetics in addition to being a stay-at-home mom.

                            Paula Marie (b. 4/04/1997)

                            Destiny Rose (b. 4/25/2001)

                            Ian Arther (b. 9/23/2004)

                        JENNIFER LYNN BYKONEN (b. 4/10/1983) She has 1 son. They live in Billings and Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom.

                            Izac Allan (b. 9/20/2001)

                        JOSEPH SCOTT (JOEY) BYKONEN (b. 4/28/1986) He is not married. He lives in Billings and does dry-walling.

                    Joseph LaVern (Joe) Bykonen (b. 6/29/1957) He married Connie Schwartz on Dec. 15, 1975. They had four children. Joe is divorced and lives in Shelby, MT. He teaches computer at the Crossroads Correctional Facility in Shelby.

                        CHAD LAVERN (JOE) BYKONEN (b. 11/08/1976) He died as the result of a motorcycle accident on July 22, 1996 in Glendive, MT.

                        TAUNYA LEE BYKONEN CARLISLE (b. 7/03/1978) She married Stephen Paul (Redd) Carlisle on June 7, 2002. Redd is currently stationed in Washington, D.C. with the US Army. They have 1 daughter. Taunya and Jasmine live in Shelby while Redd is stationed in D.C. She is a stay-at-home mom and part-time bartender. Her Email address is

                            Jasmine Fay (b. 1/21/1998)

                        CHARITY DAWN BYKONEN SMOTHERMON (b. 1/07/1981) She married Cody Scott Smothermon on Feb. 14, 2003. Cody is currently stationed in Iraq with the US Army. Charity has 2 children from a previous marriage to Joey Lester. She is living with Cody’s family in Texas. Her Email :

                            Markayla Nicole Lester (b. 1/12/2000)

                            Caleb Joey Lester (b. 5/23/2001)

                        TODD DAVID BYKONEN (b. 2/17/1982) He is not married. He does foam insulation work and lives in Shelby. His Email:

                    Mary Lynne Bykonen DeVera (b. 10/15/1959) She married George DeVera on Oct. 1, 1977. They have 2 children. Mary Lynne and George live in Shelby, MT. George drives truck and Mary Lynne is a stay-at-home foster mom to 2 girls and babysits her grandkids. Their Email address is  

                        GEORGE DOREN BYKONEN (b. 7/02/1978) He married Shannon Renee Ratigan Yarn on Aug. 23, 1997. George Doren works for Transcor where he transports prison inmates. Shannon is an assistant manager for Subway in Shelby.

                            Cassidy Lynn (b. 8/31/1997)

                            Alisa Jane (b. 2/11/2003)

                    EMMA JANE DEVERA HAMMER (b. 5/30/1981) She married Andrew Lee Hammer on April 15, 2000. They divorced in 2005. Andy lives in Buffalo, WY where he is an electrician. They had 1 son together. Emma is a stay-at-home mom and lives in Shelby.

                        Lukis George (b. 9/14/2002)

                    Timothy John (Tim) Bykonen (b. 5/25/1962) He married Elaine in 1987. They divorced in 2000. They have 2 sons. Tim works for Three Rivers Communications in Fairfield, MT. He is the Key Systems Installer. Tim and the boys live in Power, MT.

                        KENNETH GRANT (KG) - (b. 6/25/1989)

                        STEPHEN DAVID (b. 5/16/1991)

                    Laurie Ann Bykonen Holler (b. 4/01/1964) She married Alan Holler on Dec. 31, 1982. They have 2 sons. Alan is disabled so is a stay-at-home dad. Laurie Ann works for the Montana Motor Vehicle Department. They live in Hamilton.

                        ALAN JAMES (AJ) BYKONEN (b. 8/08/1985) He is now in the US Air Force and is stationed in Tuscon, AZ, at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. He works on C-130’s and Black Hawks.

                        ROBERT JOHN BYKONEN (b. 12/04/1987) He will be a senior in high school  next fall. He works at McDonald’s in Hamilton. He is crew chief. He would like to go to culinary school when he graduates in 2006.

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LUDWIG LORENSON (1/21/1885 to 1/13/1971)

Ludwig married Martha Holt. They lived in Whitman, ND, in the early years of their marriage. They then moved to Middle River, MN, and later east of Strathcona where he was a blacksmith until 1945. Then they moved to Kalispell, MT. Ludwig passed away on Jan. 13, 1971 and Martha on Jan. 6, 1972. They are buried on a hill under a big birch tree at Kalispell. They had three children.

Evelyn Wahlberg (b. 8/11/1915) She married Melvin Wahlberg on June 16, 1940. They lived almost all their married life on a farm at Grygla, MN. Evelyn passed away on June 2, 1982 and Melvin on Jan. 7, 1987. They had three children.

LeRoy Wahlberg (b. 4/16/1949) He married Brenda Muzzy on April 24, 1971. Brenda works at Memorial Hospital and lives at 2985 Rhapsody Drive, Colorado Springs, CO  80920. LeRoy passed away Oct. 17, 1996. They have one son.

COBY (b. 6/02/1978) Attends the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Linda Aspen (b. 10/28/1950) Linda and her husband, Orland, live at 824 Foss Ave. N., Fosston, MN 56542.

JEFFREY (b. 12/13/1971)

AMY (b. 9/20/1973) She married Dave Robertson on May 31, 1997. Amy and her family live in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. They have one son.

Jacob (b. 3/08/2003)

Mary Ann Sjulestad (b. 1/01/1954) She married David Sjulestad and they have three children. Mary Ann and David live at 37613 140th St. N.E., Goodridge, MN 56725.

SHANNON (b. 12/14/1976) Shannon married Jason Moen and they live at 19787 290th Ave. S.E., Oklee, MN 56742.

Brody Moen (b. 3/13/2003)

ROBYN (b. 9/28/1979) Robyn married Chris Morinville and they live at 4311 39 ½ Ave. S.W., Fargo, ND 58104

ADAM (b. 1/26/1984) Adam lives at home.

Palmer Lorenson (b.7/22/1919) Palmer is a retired engineer from the Soo Line Railroad. He and his wife, Marion, moved to the Valley Nursing Home (at 523 Arnold Ave. S., Room #10, Thief River Falls, MN) in August 2004. Marion passed away in her sleep Oct. 2004. Palmer continues to live at Valley Home. They had two daughters.

Sandra Carol Lorenson Carter Sandra still lives in Minneapolis, MN, and is retired from nursing. She has one daughter.

MELISSA HAUGESAG (b. 3/08/1970) She married Egan on Sept. 23, 1999. Melissa continues to work as a receptionist for a legal firm. They have one daughter.

Ella (b. 4/23/2001)

Claudia Anne Lorenson Pickard (b. 12/04/1955) Claudia is a Respiratory Therapist and her husband, Roland, works in Intensive Care. They live in Salida, CO. They have 3 sons.

NICOLAS PASQUALE (b. 12/09/1978)

DOMINIC PASQUALE (b. 12/23/1982) Dominic is in the Army in Iraq. He and his wife, Jenece, have a daughter.

Julianna (b. 2/12/2004)

FRANK PASQUALE (b. 11/26/1985)

Leone (Foster) Wachsmuth (b. 6/04/1928) Her husband, Eddy, passed away in 1995. She married Harold Wachsmuth in 1997. They live at 450 White Birch Lane, Kalispell, MT 59901.   Harold is retired from a gravel and sand concrete business. He keeps busy restoring old grinders and other old things, and taking care of their place. Leone keeps busy sewing walker bags. She has donated over 1300, so far, for people who use walkers. She has also made close to 200 quilts that she donates to Project Lynus. These quilts go to homeless children, children who have been taken away from their parents, and children who are very ill and hospitalized. It is a very rewarding hobby and project, and keeps her very busy. She has four children.

Ronald Foster (b. 11/13/1947) Ron married LaVera Tripp on Dec. 28, 1968. They live at 3640 Whitefish Stage, Kalispell, MT 59901. He has a large logging operation and keeps very busy. LaVera has a sewing business, sewing Polar Fleece, among other things. They have three children.

DEBIE (b. 1/13/1970) She lives at Vancouver, WA with her husband, Jon Paynter. They have three children.




TONY (b. 9/15/ 1972) He is single and lives at Columbia Falls, MT.

TIFFANY (b. 10/30/1981) She is a single college student.

Karen Cochran (b. 6/07/1949) Karen married Mike Cochran and they reside at 2248 Mission Way, Kalispell, MT 59901. She works at Home Options, a department of the hospital. Her husband, Mike, is a pilot for Semi Toole, a computer company, and he flies all over the U.S. plus Europe and Asia. They have two girls.

BILLIE JO (b. 12/22/1970) She married Matt Davis and lives at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where she is a doctor specializing in Autism. Matt works for Forest Service and Fish and Game. They have two sons.



ANDREA (b. 6/08/1974) She has just moved to Anchorage, AK, to work for Hilton Hotels as reservation director.

Steve Foster (b. 12/22/1950) He married Jeanne Dahlgren. Steve is still driving his own logging truck. Jeanne works at Anderson Masonry in the office. They have sold their home and are having a beautiful new home and garage built on Josie Lane, on 10 acres they bought a few miles out of Kalispell, MT. They have two children.

COBEY (b. 7/14/1972) He and Kristin live in Kalispell. Cobey is a mechanic and Kristin is a secretary. They have two girls.



STEPHANIE (b. 1/28/1975) She married Dan LeClerc and they live on 76 Prairie View Way, Kalispell, MT. They have 3 children.




Dave Foster (b. 12/01/1958) Dave is married to Julie Walden and they live at 684 Shadow Lane, Kalispell, MT. Dave has a de-limber and works in the timber industry. His wife, Julie, works in a bone density scanning office. They have 3 children.

Ashley - Age 21 and is living in Arizona

Jeremy - Age 16

Dustin – Age 14

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HENRIETTA LORENSON SANDS (3/24/1887 to 8/16/1983)

Henrietta married Ingval Sands. He passed away on May 16, 1930 at the age of 46 and is buried in the Lorenson Cemetery. Henrietta was a remarkable woman. At the time of Ingval’s death, six of their nine children were under the age of sixteen. She moved to Kalispell, MT in 1936. Many people lived with her while they built a house and got settled. Uncle Louie Lorenson family lived with her until their house was ready. Henrietta passed away Aug. 14, 1983 at the age of 96 years and 5 months.

Elizabeth Sands Johnson (b. 4/02/1905) She married Andrew Johnson on June 16, 1923. They farmed east of Strathcona, MN, and Andrew was also a drag line operator. He passed away July 14, 1961 and Elizabeth on Oct. 27, 1975. They are buried in the Lorenson Cemetery. They had seven children.

Vaughn A. I. (b. 6/19/1928) He passed away on 2/14/1930.

Vayden Eil (b. 12/08/1930) He lives at the Greenbush Nursing Home.

David Sands (b. 9/23/1936) He passed away on 9/22/1937.

Ivan Lawrence (b. 1/22/1939) He married Jeanelle Henning on Aug. 29, 1964. Their address is 207 Lincoln Ave., Newfolden, MN 56738-3010. They have two children.

CECILY KAY MCGLYNN (Mrs. Thomas) (b. 8/18/1965) They live at Mentor, MN. Thomas is employed at Pioneer Memorial Home.

COREY IVAN (b. 5/14/1971) He married Nancy Biffert on June 9, 2001. They live at Thief River Falls, MN. They have three children.

Brady (b. 2/01/1992)

Tylan (b. 12/11/2002)

Jeanea (b. 6/26/2004)

Haven Peter Johnson (b. 7/28/1940) He married Sandra Stanina of Middle River on Sept. 21, 1963. They have lived in Fargo/West Fargo since 1965. Haven worked road construction for seven years and recently completed 33 years at Case-New Holland (Steiger). He is enjoying his new job, “retired.” Sandra has worked at Hornbachers for 31 years. They enjoy spending time with their four children and their families, who all live in West Fargo. Every year they spend a little more time at Lake Ida, near Cormorant, MN. A couple of years ago, they all traveled by train to Whitefish, MT, for skiing and visiting with Henrietta’s children. Their address is 934 7th Ave. W., Fargo. ND 58078.

KAYLYNN ANN WOLD (b. 12/31/1964) KayLynn and her son, Levi, live in West Fargo, ND. She works as a Marketing Assistant for MAC’s Inc.

Levi Andrew (b. 10/01/1995) Levi will be in fourth grade and plays hockey.

KRYSTAL LEE MCDONALD (Mrs. Curtis ) (b. 12/26/1965) Krystal and Curt have three teenage daughters and live in West Fargo, ND. Krystal works as a supervisor for Pepsi Americas. Curt owns and operates McDonand Contract Services.

Cassandra Ann (b. 3/09/1987) Cassie graduated from High School and will attend NDSU.

Trisha Kay (b. 4/15/1988) Trisha will be a senior at West Fargo High School and is very involved in student activities.

Amanda Kelli (b> 8/04/1989) Amanda will be a junior at West Fargo High.School and is a member of the Fargo-Moorhead Acro Team, performing at NBA games across the nation.

KELLEY HAVEN JOHNSON (b. 7/31/1968) Kelley and his wife, Laurie, live in West Fargo, ND, with their three children. Kelley works for Case-New Holland of Fargo. Kelley has been a member of the Army National Guard, 142nd Engineer BN.for 19 years and has served in Iraq and Kosovo. Laurie has a home day care.

Jamison Christian (b. 8/06/1988) Jamie will be a senior at West Fargo High School.

Andrew Haven (b. 1/30/1998) Andrew will be in the second grade.

Madison Wynn (b. 9/23/1999) Madison is in preschool and was recently voted Little Miss Winter Days.

KARLA MARIE BISCHOF (Mrs. Russ) (b. 12/14/1970) Karla and Russ live in West Fargo. Karla has worked for Noridian of Fargo for ten years. Russ is a sales representative for Bakemark for nine years.

Gary Elwood (b. 5/18/1942) Gary passed away on October 13, 2003.

Sandra Elizabeth Johnson Sumner (Mrs. Arthur R.) (b. 8/16/1946) Sandra and Arthur live at 1582 N. Burlington Ave., Worthington, MN 56187. Sandra is employed as a paraprofessional at Worthington Middle School and also by Client Community Services, Inc. (Human Services). Arthur is employed by Swift & Co. They enjoy time with their family, home projects and traveling to see the USA. Arthur follows the Minnesota sports teams.

LORI BETH SUMNER GRIMMIUS (b. 4/14/1965) She is employed in accouning. She lives in Ankeny, IA, with her two children. They enjoy sports, music, church activities and time with family.

Loralee Joy Grimmius (b. 6/14/1988) She is a junior in high school.

Bryant Jon Grimmius (b. 5/26/1991) He is in the eighth grade.

DARYL VAUGH SUMNER (b. 6/05/1967) He resides in Sioux Falls, SD, and is employed by Federal Express. He volunteers with the SD Republican party, and enjoys winter vacations in the South and golfing.

PAUL DAVID SUMNER (b. 5/22/1970) He resides in Sioux Falls, SD. He is employed by UPS and Vista Comm. Paul volunteers for the SD Republican party, enjoys family time and golfing. He and Daryl are Minnesota sports fans.

KAREN JOY SUMNER (b. 10/03/1973) She resides in Sioux Falls, SD. In April of 2004, she was ordained a Baptist minister. She’s employed by the University of Sioux Falls as the associate pastor and is also working on a PHD in Education.

Olga Geneva Sands Stahlberg (b. 12/26/1906) She married Harold Stahlberg on Dec. 13, 1924. Harold passed away on March 1, 1975 and Olga on June 28, 2003. They had nine children. Olga and Harold are buried at Kalispell, MT

Muriel Stahlberg Edwards (b. 7/08/1925) She has six children. Her address is 182A Bernard Road, Kalispell, MT.


John Patrick Sundt (b. 6/16/1969) His wife is Christy.






VERNON LEE (b. 1/06/1948) His wife is Dianne Kay Hanson.

David James (b. 8/26/1967)

Amanda Rose



Linda Kay (b. 5/15/1969) Her husband is Scott Simoni.



Kevin Ray (b. 1/21/1947)



Michael Eugene (b. 6/03/1972) His wife is Tammy Bower.



Patrick Wayne (b. 12/08/1976)

Corina Marie (b. 11/06/1979) Her husband is David Bolderas. (expecting in May, 2005)

PAMELA JOAN (b. 4/08/1951) Her husband is Robert Mallery.

Robby James (b. 9/12/1976) His wife is Martina.



Randy Edward (b. 4/19/1978) His wife is Carri.


(expecting in May, 2005)

Katie Birdell (b. 5/23/1983)

MARK GEORGE (b/ 4/05/1955) His wife is Gloria.

Rachel Ann (b. 5/07/1977) Her husband is Steven.



Eliza Beth

LeAlan Earl (b. 2/02/1980)

JAMES LLOYD (b. 4/01/1957) His wife is Donna King.

Jessica Lee (b. 6/18/1978)

Scott Francis (b. 1/23/1984)

2 step-children

THOMAS WAYNE (b. 4/29/1959) His wife is Donna.

2 step-children

3 step-grandchildren

Fern Stahlberg Svoboda Her husband, James, passed away on Feb. 6, 1995. Fern still lives on the farm at 26419 Co. Rd. 4, Badger, MN 56714. They had 7 children.

GAIL - He and his wife, Roxanne, have three children.

Kristine (b. 12/02/1974)

Jessica (b. 6/09/1976)

James (b. 6/08/1977)

JAMES - He and his wife, Suanne, have two children.

Suzette Newman – She and her husband, Jeremy, have one son.

Cameron James (b. 5/09/2004)

Sheri Spenhoft – She and her husband, Robert, have two sons.

Tanner James (b. 7/20/2001)

Hudson Alexander (b. 4/07/2004)

BRACH – He and his wife, Janice, had two children.

Todd (b. 4/04/1968) He died on June 12, 1981 as the result of an accident.

Joni Burkel – She and her husband, John, have four children.

Vanessa Christine (b. 4/07/1994)

Andrea Michelle (b. 4/14/1996)

Alexander Todd (b. 3/18/ 1998)

Jack Ryan (b. 5/31/2003)

JEFFREY – He died in a work accident in 1971. He and his wife, Carol, had two daughters.

Karen Wengeler – She and her husband, Jeffrey, have three children.

Logan Jeffrey (b. 2/01/1999)

Mason Scott (b. 12/27/2002)

Nolan Henry (b. 8/18/2004)

Nikki Peters – She married Joseph Peters on June 7, 1997 and has two children and another one due in May.

Jenna Leigh Svoboda (b. 5/27/1994)

Halle Nicole Peters (b. 5/20/2002)

JUNIEVE LUNDGREN – She and her husband, Eugene, have two children.

Jeremy (b. 11/24/1979)

Shauna (b. 1/02/1981)

MARCHELLE – She married Kurt Hanson (now divorced). She married Kenneth Kesler. She has three children.

Kyle Hanson – He and his wife, Shelly, have two children.

Brandon LeRayne (b. 7/09/1998)

Marin Reese (b. 1/18/2005)

Monique Hanson Linthorst – (now divorced). She has one child.

Noah Riley (b. 2/26/2000)

MacKenzie Kesler (b. 11/12/2004)

DAWN BENKLER – She married Ronald Benkler on Dec. 24, 1994. She has one son and two step-children.

Logan James (b. 6/10/1995)

Brittany Brooke (b. 2/17/1988)

Collin Benkler (b. 6/30/1990)

Harold (b. 12/07/1930) His wife is Shirley. They have four sons.

JOHN (b. 2/18/1954)

Shane (b. 1/25/1974)

Shauna (b. 3/31/1976)

RAND (b. 11/18/1955) His wife is Cheryl. They have one daughter.

Jacie Lee (b. 10/11/ )

DANNY (b. 6/09/1957) His wife is Karen. They have two children.

Dancee (b. 6/13/1982)

Chadrick (b. 9/26/ )

BRADLEY ALLEN (b. 1/24/1965) His wife is Kim. They have three children.

Jessica (b. 7/31/1984)

Reese (b. 11/20/1986)

Miranda (b. 2/01/1989)

Yvonne “Bunny” Joy (b. 8/25/1933) She is married to Ray Belston. They have five children.


Rhaejon Michele Hall

Tonja Sioux Hall


Joy Ann Russell

Kyndra Lynn

Raymond Christopher



Autumn Taylor


Tiffany Jean

Brynda Joye

Kendall Wayne

TRACEY (b. 9/06/1959) She is married to Bradley Hendrix.

Rhaejon Larkin (b. 5/18/1977)

Jennifer Larkin (b. 4/02/1981)

Heidi Jo Hendrix (b. 7/10/1986)

KENDALL WAYNE, JR. (b. 12/29/1961) His wife is Karen.

K.C. Wayne (b. 2/27/1985)

DOYLE (b. 1/16/1971)

Clark – His wife is Rose


YVONNE – She is married to Tom Read.



LISA – She is married to Steve Lavely.

David M. Van

John C. Van




Gene (b. 8/18/1941) He is married to Lila Knudson.




Gordon Lynwood Stahlberg (b. 12/28/1943) He and his wife, Marie, live at 12799 Howell Prairie Road N.E., Gervais, OR 97026-7705. They have six children.

BARBARA ANN (b. 4/15/1963) She is married to Ron Raines and they have one daughter.

Bailey (b. 1/03/1996)

CHARLES WILLIAM STAHLBERG (b. 6/16/1964) He and his wife, Valerie, have two daughters.

Amber (b. 9/04/1991)

Hayley (b. 10/12/1994)

STEVEN MICHAEL STAHLBERG (b. 8/02/1965) He is married to Nancy and they have two sons.

Daniel (b. 9/22/1990)

Matthew (b. 9/14/2000)

JULIE ANN (b. 7/21/1968) She is presently divorced. She has two sons.

Kevin (b. 2/12/1993)

Ryan (b. 6/15/1996)

TODD MICHAEL SCHINDLER (b 9/14/1966) He and his wife, Debbie, have 2 daughters.

Jenna (b. 12/18/1985)

Becca (b. 1/31/1993)

BRIAN JOSEPH SCHINDLER (b.1/16/1972) He and his wife, Susie, have one son.

Brian Joseph II (BoBo) (b. 1/12/2002)

Gladys Sands Stahlberg Milam – Gladys was married to Theodore (Ted) Stahlberg. They had four children. She married Grover Milam in 1959 and he passed away in 1977. Her address is 1945 E. Oregon St., Kalispell, MT 59901.

Darlene Burdell Stahlberg Allik (b. 5/18/1933) She married Leonard Allik. He passed away Nov. 5, 1990. They had four children. Her address is P.O. Box 1357, Polson, MT 59860. Telephone (406) 883-5686. Len and Darlene both worked in the grocery business. He was a meat market manager and she wrapped meat for many years. After his death, she also worked in the Deli Department of a Supermarket. For the last 5 ½ years she had  worked as a Walmart People Greeter, recently retired. She loves to collect dolls and also loves antiques.

WENDY KAY ALLIK (b. 12/05/1953) She is an operating room nurse in Missoula, MT. She has one son.

Randy Michael (b. 7/26/1975) He has one daughter.

Reilly Michael (b. 9/07/2000)

MICHAEL RAYMOND (b. 10/27/1955) He and his wife, Elke, were married April 21, 1979. He is a truck driver, living in Polson, MT. They have 3 children.

Nickolaus Michael (b. 9/17/1983)

Noelle Renee (6/26/1985

Josef Alexy (b. 10/22/1990)

GREGARY DEAN (b. 1/14/1957) He lives in Polson, MT. He is disabled due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Previously, he worked in the lumber industry, concrete work and insulating homes.

MARK LYNN (3/20/1961) He and his wife, Wendy, were married June 26, 1982. He is a truck driver, living in Fairbanks, AK. He has a son and a step-daughter.

Casey Lynn (b. 8/01/1983) He lives in Polson, MT. He has a son.

Isaiah Emerson (b. 6/01/2002)

Angela (b. 12/21/1978) She has three daughters.

Dracy LeeAnn (b. 3/25/2000)

Skyla Marie (b. 3/02/2003)

Kelsey Dawn (b. 9/20/2004)

Robert Stahlberg (b. 1938) He married Pat Turner in 1958. Robert has retired from working at the local aluminum plant. They live at 1093 Mooring Rd., Columbia Falls, MT 59912. They have five children.

JEFFREY STAHLBERG (b. 4/01/1961) Jeffrey died in a car accident at age 14.

CHERYL STAHLBERG BOWER (b. 9/12/1959) She married Larry Bower. He is employed in housing construction. They live in Wilkeson, WA (south of Seattle). They have two children.



STEVEN STAHLBERG (b. 11/22/1966) He married Mary Mathias. They live near Kalispell. MT. He owns a CPA firm. They have two children.



KEITH STAHLBERG (b. 12/05/1968) He married Tracey Sutton. They live near Kalispell, MT. He is a Deputy Sheriff in local law enforcement. They have four children.





DENISE STAHLBERG REED (b. 7/22/1970) She is married to David Reed. They live in Kalispell, MT and are employed in housing construction. They have two children.



Gerald Stahlberg (b. 1940) He is married to Hattie Benner. They have four children and nine grandchildren.

TED STAHLBERG – He and his wife, Mary, have three children.

TOMMY STAHLBERG – He and his wife, DeAnna, have one son.


SUSAN AUSTIN – Married to Joel Austin. They have four children.


Diane Stahlberg (Mrs. Gerald) (b. 1942) Diane lives and works in Anchorage, AK. They have four sons and three grandchildren.





Lawrence Eldor Arnold Sands (b. 2/18/1914) He was 16 when his father died. He continued to live east of Strathcona with his mother and 5 younger brothers and sisters until 1936, when they moved to Kalispell, MT. He married Myrtle Thompson on March 29, 1940. Larry and Myrtle had two children. He passed away on June 26, 1962. Myrtle remained a widow until Dec. 31, 1988 when she married Roy Vagle. Roy has passed away and Myrtle still lives in Karlstad, MN at P.O. Box 258. Telephone (218) 436-2133.

Lawrence, Jr. “Sonny” (b. 9/04/1942) He married Janet Hoylman. They have 2 children.

TAL LAVONNE (b. 3/31/1964) She married Gary Doran. They have one child.

Tavia Elizabeth (b. 5/27/1989)

RODNEY LAWRENCE (b. 9/26/1965) He and his wife, Debby, have 2 children.



Kristine Myrtle (b. 11/10/1944) She married Lawrence Birky on Dec. 31, 1962. They had one son. Krissy passed away in 1994.

LAWRENCE RANDY (b. 12/16/1965) He married Gaylene Grilley June 24, 1989.

They had two children.

Levi Lawrence

Paige Kristina

Beatrice Sands Gordon (Mrs. Palmer) Beatrice and Palmer raised one son.

David (b. 5/27/1943) He had four children.

CARINNA (b. 8/07/1964)

MELISSA TJAL (GORDON) CARRIER (b. 8/08/1965) My parents were David Gordon and Karen Clark (Gordon, Carrier). My Great-Grandmother was Henrietta Sands. I was adopted by Bruce A. Carrier at a very young age. I grew up in Troy, MT, and left that area at the age of 19 to move to the west coast. I was married, but am now divorced. I spent several years home raising children as a homemaker. After I divorced, I returned to college for a period of time but didn’t get my degree. I am now employed by the Department of Defense. My technical title is Marine Machinery Mechanic/Nuclear Refueler. I have worked on Surface Ships of various sorts, as well as Submarines of different classes. The work is always fascinating and there is always so much to learn. Part of the requirement for my work was that I return to school for my degree, no easy task as a single parent with 5 children. My children and I use Carrier as a last name.

Jorden Lee (b. 8/30/1984) He manages Bike Local Shop, Locksmith.

Treyanna Lynn (b. 3/21/1989) She is a sophomore in Olympic High School.

Natasha Tjal (b. 11/15/1991) She is in grade 7 in Junior High School.

Dwijin Mikale (b. 5/13/1999) A very smart little guy, full of energy and mischief.

Mikya Kinzi (b. 3/04/2002) A gentle soul, she is our little “Tikki.”

RICHARD (b. 3/24/1973)

RONALD (b. 2/18/1977)

Gordon Sands, Sr. – Dad had a love for the great outdoors. He was an amateur geneologist and rock hound. He was a Veteran of WWII and spent most of his life living in the foothills near Kalispell, MT. He was the father of six children. Gordon taught his children to respect one another. His way of settling squabbles was to have then say that they were “sorry” then hug and kiss each other. This we call “kiss and make-up”. Although this was sometimes hard to do, we are still close with each other. This might be a good lesson for some adults, too! His love for his children is a comforting memory.

Ardis “Dee” Sands Coulter (b. 11/18/1948) I married James “Jim” Coulter on Dec. 22, 1966. Our address is 564 Evergreen Terrace Rd., St. Maries, ID 83861 and the phone number is (208)245-2973. I work as a dental assistant, love to cook, do crafts, garden and volunteer at the St. Maries Free Clinic. Jim is retired and an all around good househusband. He gardens and loves fishing. We still spend a lot of time on Lake Roosevelt in central Washington. We deeply love our girls and our five grandchildren.

LEANN COULTER PHILLIPS – LeAnn is married to Dale. They own their own logging operation. They have three wonderful boys.

Garrett (age 13) He loves hunting, fishing, basketball and track.

Wyatt (age 5) He says he wants to be a rock’n’roll chef but in the meantime he’s a Lego genius.

Chase (age 20 months) He has a big smile and tries to do anything and everything his older brothers do.

ALISSA COULTER MURRAY – Alissa is married to Ron. He owns his own

Mortgage Company and she is a stay-at-home Mom. They have two beautiful daughters.

Ava (age 3) She is a remarkable little girl born with Angleman’s Syndrome. She’s learning to walk and although she can’t speak, she has a lot of love to share and is full of life. She also likes to swim and swing. (A note from “Dee” Coulter: If you know of anyone with Angleman’s Syndrome in the family, would you please contact me? It has only been in the last 10 years or so that it was able to be diagnosed. Before it was just thought as mental retardation or Cerebral Palsy. It is a chip off the 15th chromosome and just happens. Most people are very pale but not Ava. She’s got a head of dark curls.)

Grace (Gracie) – (age 21 months) She is busy running and talking like a Magpie. She also uses sign language, loves to swim and hop.

Carol Sands McCormac (b. 4/12/1950) Carol is married to John McCormac. They are building contractors in Broomfield, CO. They enjoy dividing their time between Denver and their home in Breckenridge, CO. Golfing, fly-fishing and travel keep them very busy.  They have two children.

NICK MCCORMAC – Nick is married to Erica and they have two children.



ANN WIGGINS (MRS. KEVIN) – Ann is married to Kevin Wiggins and they live in Pleasanton, CA. They have two daughters.

Ellen (age 8)

Lyda Rose (5 months)

Gordon Sands, Jr. (b. 5/04/1951) Gordon is married to a wonderful woman named Debbie. They enjoy the outdoors. Gordon is the one that all of his sisters and brothers lean on. He has very broad shoulders and is a very caring man. Debbie and Gordon live in Whitefish, MT, but spend time at their country home.

Bonnye” LaVonne Sands Felton (b. 5/27/1954) Bonnye was the family comedian. She had a wonderful sense of humor and always had a joke to tell. Bonnye was an avid reader. She attended college where she was acknowledged for outstanding scholastic achievement. Sadly, Bonnye passed away June 17, 1995 and we miss her. She was married to Dan Felton and they had two children.

JENNIFER HOSSFIELD (MRS. HOSS) – They have three children.




JOHN FELTON – He is married to Sarah and they have one son.


Brian Edward Sands (b. 3/20/1958) Brian and his family make their home in Denver, CO. Brian can fix just about anything and is the best handyman. He’s a quiet man with a big smile. He’s married to Pat and they have two children.



Beth” Elizabeth Smith (Mrs. Walter) (b. 4/07/1959) Beth is the family chef. You haven’t eaten till you’ve eaten at Beth’s. Beth works for Bath and Body and enjoys gardening. She is such a nice person and so gentle. They live in Missoula, MT. She is married to Walter Smith and they have two daughters.

IVY – married to Allen


Eunice Sands Michels (b. 3/26/1921) Eunice was widowed in 1988 and has 3 daughters.  She married Clyde Johnson of Kalispell on 8/13/1995. Update: Eunice passed away 1/26/2006

Sharon Juelfs (b. 5/06/1943)

JOSEPH GONE (b. 2/13/1967) Ann Arbor, MI

MATTHEW (b. 2/09/1969)

Sandra Daniel (b. 5/06/1943)

Sonja Daniels Nestegard (b. 10/18/1949)

HEATHER SHIPLEY  – (b. 8/20/1968) Albuquerque, NM

ALLISON HAWES (b. 11/07/1975)

Clarice Sands Hewitt (b. 2/10/1923 to Henrietta Lorenson Sands and Ingval Sands) Clarice paints porcelain and is active in politics. Her husband, Ross Hewitt, passed away in Nov. 1997. She lives at 448 South Calle Encilia, #604, Palm Springs, CA 92262. Telephone (760) 590-3361.

Dennis Teeters (b. 8/16/1941) Dennis married Suk (also known as Soogie) in 1969. Dennis and Soogie had one daughter. He married Geong Ok and they had one child. He has retired from 20 years in the Air Force.


Brianna (b. 9/01/1987)

David Kent (b. 4/10/1989)

Jonnathan (B. 9/17/1995)

STEVEN ERIC TEETERS (b. 9/22/1984) Steven is in the Air Force Reserve. He has 2 black belts in Karati.

Tjal Clarice Hewitt Chandler (b. 6/03/1951) She lives in Oxnard, CA. She is a Certified Legal Assistant. She has one son.

CHRIS-JON LAWRENCE AARON CHANDLER (b. 10/21/1967) Chris is a fitness trainer. He has a studio in Santa Clarita where he is an exercise therapist and and personal trainer. He has a black belt in karati.

Elwood Sands



DAVID EARL SANDS (b. 7-8-53)  Married Mary in 1973.

    Karen (b. 11-26-77)

            Ophelia (b. 5-4-01)

    Kathryn (b. 5-20-79)

    Kimberly (b. 5-6-81)

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PEDER GEHARD LORENSON (2/16/1889 to 9/30/1973)

Pete was born in Tromso, Norway. He married Agda Marie Wicklund on March 28, 1913. Agda was born on Aug. 1, 1893 in Vesterbotten, Sweden, the daughter of Nels (N.A.) Wicklund and Johanna Staff Wicklund. She passed away on March 23, 1946 from a Cerebral Hemorrhage. Pete and Agda had eight children. They are both buried in the Strathcona Cemetery, next to their son, Johnny. Pete married Bessie Martini on July 21, 1947. Bessie had four children. Pete passed away at home on Sept. 30, 1973 of heart failure. Bessie passed away on Sept. 4, 1999.

Johnny Alfred Lorenson (b. 6/09/1914) He was married to Sophie Sargent at Warroad, MN. Johnny passed away on June 5, 1964 and Sophie on Oct. 11, 1998. Johnny and Margaret Olson had one daughter.

Marjean Olson Wolff (b. 10/13/1952) Marjean married Curtis Wolff on June 2, 1973. Curtis is a carpenter and Marjean is Director of Nurses at the Greenbush Nursing Home. They have two daughters.

KARA JANE FORST (b. 1/07/1975) She married Dale Forst on Dec. 11, 1993. They have two children.

Trevor Dale (b. 3/28/1993)

Karley Jean (b. 2/09/1997)

KRISTI GUSTAFSON (b. 9/05/1976) She married Neil Gustafson on July 18, 1998. They have three children.

Preston Darrell Troy (b. 3/18/1997)

Shantell (b. 6/14/1999)

Eian Marlo (b. 3/03/2002)

Agnes Delores Olson (Mrs. Oscar Olson) Agnes and Oscar were married on June 8, 1935. Agnes still lives at the senior housing in Gilbert, MN. Oscar passed away on July 12, 2004. They would have been married 70 years in 2005. Agnes keeps herself busy embroidering and making pot holders. She is doing quite well for her 89 years of age. Agnes and Oscar had 9 children, 26 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great grandchildren. Her address is 124 Ohio Ave. W. and her mailing address is Box 638, Gilbert, MN 55741.

JoAnne Lundquist White (b. 1/09/1937) I married Willard Lundquist in 1955 and had four children. I married Wilfred (Butch) White in 1972. He passed away in 1997. I moved back to Greenbush in January 2002 and live at 610 W. Central Ave. #116, Greenbush, MN 56726. My world constantly seems to change, prayers answered that God take my hand and put me where He wants me to bring joy to others and I followed. I sing with a group of senior citizens and we entertain in nursing homes, senior citizen clubs and festivals. The seniors enjoy my singing and yodeling and therefore I have been blessed. I enjoy being back in the area where I was born and raised. I not only have great kids, like all Grandmas, the sun rises and sets on each one of my grandchildren. Five of them are in college and holding down full time jobs besides. Jacob played football this year. He’s about 6 foot 2 inches plus, wears a size 12 shoe and only 14 years old. I have granddaughters that play basketball, tennis, piano, violin and also a granddaughter who loves horses. She has her own horse, too, and gets off the school bus at that residence and does horse chores every day after school. She is only twelve. One of my granddaughters is planning on being a funeral director. They all work very hard to be successful and responsible adults. Life is good!

WAYLAN EDDY LUNDQUIST (b. 4/29/1961) Waylan and his wife, Brigette, are back in the gold ol’ USA. Waylan retired from the army. They built a new home between New Prague and Prior Lake. His address is Jordan, MN.

JULIE LUNDQUIST MILTZ (b. 12/18/1963) Julie and her family still reside in North Branch where Julie manages the photo department at a local store.

Kristen Nicole

Danielle Pauline

Samantha Jo (b. 11/22/1989)

Zachary Ryan (b. 4/06/1994)

KAREN LUNDQUIST (b. 10/23/1965) Karen is now single and raising her children in Prior Lake, MN. Her name changed back to Lundquist. She works for Mystic Lake Casino in the investigation department.

Jon Verplaetse (b. 6/28/1984)

Jacob George (b.8/12/1990)

Jennifer Arlene (b. 7/05/1992)

THOMAS DARRIN LUNDQUIST (b. 3/23/1968) Thomas now lives on the “home place” and is planning an Aug. 6 wedding to Shannon Kaufman, a wonderful young woman.

VIRGINIA LEE WHITE FULP CREWS (b.11/02/1959) Virginia married Jim Crews June 16, 1990. They live in Pfaff Town, NC. She has two children.


Tiffany Nicole

WILFRED “WILLIE” JOSEPH WHITE (b. 5/01/1960) He is married to America “Amy”. She is from Guatemala. They have one son.

Stevie James – age 9

KENNETH WHITE (b. 7/26/1962) He lives in Virginia, MN.

KIMBERLY WHITE SCHICK (b. 6/23/1961) Kimberly and John live at Lake Elmo, MN. They have two sons.


Nathan (b. 12/04/1989)

RICHARD WHITE – Richard and his wife, Tracee, live in Stillwater, MN. Richard and his partner have opened their own machine shop called “Tolerence Tool.” They have two daughters.

Amanda Dee (b. 9/25/1991)

Ashley Annette (b. 4/04/1994)

Frances Olson McKenzie (b. 9/16/1938) Fran and her husband, Pat, are both retired. They do volunteering and Fran works part time at a greenhouse. They live at 10 Knob Hill Dr., Virginia, MN 55792. They have 6 children, 9 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.

SCOTT ANGOVE (b. 5/09/1959) He and his wife, Alma, live in Hibbing. They have 3 sons and 3 grandchildren.

Adam Angove (b. 9/01/1980) He and his wife, Amber, have 3 children.

Jorden (b. 11/23/2000)

Cole (b. 3/01/2002)

Chloe (b. 1/16/2003)

Ben Angove (b. 8/09/1983)

Eric Noris (b. 2/16/1989)

MARK ANGOVE (b. 8/22/1960) Mark is a mechanic and works for a trucking firm. He and his son live in Richmond, VA.

Matthew (b. 8/21/1990)

DAWN MARIE ANGOVE LINDER (b. 8/22/1966) She married Marty Linder and they live in Columbus, OH. They have two daughters.

Jessica (b. 2/18/1989)

Jeanette (b. 12/30/1992)

LISA ANGOVE (b. 9/01/1996) Lisa and her daughter live in Virginia, MN.

Nicole (b. 11/09/1992)

SHERI MCKENZIE BEUTOW (b. 9/21/1968) Sheri and Wade live in Farmington,

MN. They have one son.

Austin (b. 7/18/ 1987)

JODI MCKENZIE (b. 12/06/1977) Jodi lives in Superior, WI with her son.

Jacob (b. 7/10/1998)

Carol Lou Mae Trast Broll Grudeb (b. 3/31/1940) Carol is now divorced. She lives at 8539 Raintree Dr., Apt. 8A, Mountain Iron, MN 55768-9623.

CONNIE (TRAST) HIPPLE (b. 4/08/1959) She and her husband, Richard, live in Palo, MN. They have three children.

Jesse Edward (b. 4/26/1983)

James Alan (b. 11/08/1984)

Joseph Lyle (b. 12/04/1985)

MERVIN LYLE “SKIP” TRAST (b. 6/23/1960) Skip is divorced and lives in Ayden, NC. He has three children.

Brandon Lyle Trast (b. 7/17/1980)

Brian Christopher Trast (b. 11/29/1982)

Larissa Lynn Trast (b. 6/12/1984)

ANTHONY “TONY” TRAST (b. 10/02/1961) He and his wife, Brenda, live in Aurora, MN. They have two children.

Jeremy Robert (b. 3/24/1982)

Nichals John (b. 5/19/1985)

CHRISTOPHER DANIAL TRAST (b. 5/08/1963) He is now divorced and lives in Ayden, NC. He has one son.

Adam Christopher

TIMOTHY ALAN TRAST (b. 10/14/1965) Timothy is now living in Coupeland, TX. He has no children.

TAMMY KAY TRAST (b. 3/30/1968) Tammy lives in Biwabik, MN. She has two children.

Derek (b. 3/11/1991)

Kayla (b. 5/11/1992)

CORY JAMES TRAST (b. 10/25/1969) Cory married Trish on Aug. 8, 1998. They live at Shakopee, MN and have one child.

Conner (b. 12/01/2001)

ALVIN “SONNY” BROLL (b. 3/24/1971) He lives in St. Cloud, MN and has three children.

Nathanial (b. 4/11/1989)

Desiree (b. 2/27/1991)

Sadie (b. 3/12/1998)

CANDACE DeANN BROLL (b. 5/15/1972) Candace lives in Princeton, MN. She has four sons.

Trenton (b. 1/05/1991)

Trevor (b. 10/27/1994)

Gary (b. 1/27/1996)

Gage (b. 1/12/1999)

Arlene Kaiser (Mrs. Paul) (b. 6/21/1943) Arlene passed away Nov. 17, 1965 as the result of a hunting accident. Paul has since passed away. They are both buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in rural Emerado, ND. They had two sons.

JEFFREY ALLEN (b. 9/20/1960) Jeff and Kathy married April 12, 1980. They live at 11315 Rancherias Drive, Fontana, CA. They have 3 daughters and 1 son.

Nicole Danielle (b. 10/18/1984)

Kandace Jeanette (b. 9/15/1988)

Lindsey Renee (b. 5/21/1993)

Gregory Allen (b. 4/09/1996)

BRADLEY JOHN (b. 3/29/1962) Brad lives in California and has three daughters.

Deserie (b. 9/29/1986)

Brittany (b. 9/09/1990)

Olivia Marie (b. 3/03/1993)

Paul “Sonny” Maynard Olson (b. 8/06/1947) Paul and his wife, Lynn, live at 404 17th Ave. West, Eveleth, MN 55734. They surprised their children at Christmas with a trip to Disneyland to take place in May. They have one daughter.

JENNIFER LYNN LEHMAN (b. 11/30/1970) She and her husband, Jeff, have two children.

Dylan Thomas (age 9) Dylan attends Marquette Catholic School and does well. His most passionate past time is fishing, so much so that it prompted his Grandpa Paul to buy a fishing boat a couple of years ago. He even has his first small mouth bass mounted on his bedroom wall.

Jillian Claire Lehman (age 4) Jillian attends preschool through the YMCA and is a typical little girl. She loves to play “dress-up” and “beauty shop” and is a real “ham” in front of a camera. She can hardly wait to meet the Princesses at Disney World.

Lois Kaye Skule Archibald (Mrs. Duane) (b. 4/11/1951)

DARRIN JAMES SKULE (b. 9/17/1961)

MICHAEL JOHN SKULE (b. 6/13/1971)

JAMIE TODD SKULE (b. 12/23/1975)

Gordon Charles Olson (b. 6/03/1954) Gordon passed away on Oct. 10, 2003. He was married to Patricia Sedey. (address: 602 Cleveland St., Eveleth, MN 55734) Gordy and Patty have two sons.

ROBERT JOHN (b. 8/27/1979) Rob is married to Kelly Anderson. They have one son.

Tyler Gordon (b. 5/06/2004)

DANIEL CHARLES (b. 2/19/1982)

Dale Edward Olson (b. 2/19/1957) He died 7/02/1977 as the result of a car accident.

Gary Olson (b. 4/12/1959) He is married to Darlene. They have two children.

SARAH (b. 2/04/1982)

JOSHUA (b. 3/30/1984)

Olga Elizabeth Lorenson Hamberg (Mrs. Nels) (b. 12/05/1917) Nels was born 4/15/1908 and passed away on Oct. 15, 1990. Olga is making her home with her daughter, Janyce, at Middle River, MN. She and Nels had three children.

Duane Earl Hamberg (b. 1/21/1936) Duane married Karen Jo Aylor on May 30, 1963. He operated crane all his working life. He is retired now and busier than ever collecting trucks, machinery, gas steam engines and hauling scrap iron. Karen stayed home with the children until they were almost grown, enjoying gardening, sewing and raising livestock. She then went to school and became a Medical Records Technician. She has also cooked and waited tables in a restaurant. She is now retired and loves to quilt. Duane and Karen live at 40812 N. Newport Highway, Elk, WA 99009. Their phone number is (509) 292-2556 and their Email address is They had three children.

TERRY LYNN HAMBERG (b. 11/17/1963) She graduated with a Bachelor of Animal Science at Washington State University and graduated with a Graphic Arts degree in Florida. Terry took care of Clydesdales at Busch Gardens for ten years. She is now in Cle Elum, WA doing graphic arts for a newspaper and is also associate publisher. Horses are still her main interest.

PEDER LOUIS HAMBERG (b. 6/20/1966) He graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Washington. He married Jody Kay Stevens on July 2, 1994. Peder writes computer programs for a firm that designs computerized heating and cooling systems for trucks and farm machinery. He likes to go mountain climbing and hiking for relaxation and physical exertion. Jody was a Physical Therapy Assistant and now is a full-time mom. They live in Kent, WA. They have one child.

Jonathan Ryan Hamberg (b. 11/16/1996)

KRISTINE ELIZABETH HAMBERG (b. 2/28/1973) Kristine graduated from Computer Data Entry at the Business College. She was married on Jan. 21, 2005 at the city hall in Lauwe, Belgium. Her husband is Davy Roger Laurent Beel but her name remains Hamberg as it is customary for the woman to keep her maiden name in Belgium. Her Email address is

Janyce Hamberg Peterson (b. 12/28/1937) Her husband, Larry, passed away in April, 2004. Janyce still lives near Middle River, MN at 11868 370th St. NE. She works at Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls, MN. When not working, she keeps busy with her many sewing projects. Now it’s mostly quilts. In the summer she enjoys her garden and flowers. She has three children and six grandchildren.

HIEDI STRANDBERG (b. 11/20/1958) She now lives in Fullerton, CA. She has three children.

Craig Bakke (b. 4/14/1975) He is married to Emily Skoien from Roseau, MN. They both work at Digi Key in Thief River Falls, MN where they live. They are expecting a child in July of this year.

Nicole Bakke (b. 2/23/1980) She lives in Warroad, MN and works at Marvin Windows.

Jessica Bakke (b. 3/31/1981) She lives at Newfolden, MN and works at Digi Key in Thief River Falls, MN.

DARRIN PETERSON (b. 3/02/1968) Darrin is married to Lori Dahl from Gatzke,

MN. They live at Warroad, MN and are both working at Marvin Windows. They have three children.

Mike (b. 9/22/1985) He will be going to college in Moorhead, MN this fall.

Jacquelyn (b. 8/24/1988) She will be a junior in High School this fall.

Alan (b. 7/20/1994) He will be in the fifth grade this fall.

DARREL PETERSON (b. 8/16/1972) Darrel is married to Julie Votava of Thief River Falls, MN. They live on the home farm. They have a gravel hauling business and he also does over the road trucking. Julie works part-time at Digi Key in Thief River Falls and helps with the business.

Judy Ann Darby (Mrs. Sam) (b. 8/24/1942) Judy married Samuel E. Darby, Jr. on Dec. 24, 1982. They live at 5828 E. Cactus Lane, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. Their Email is

CINDY ANN JOHNSON (MRS. ERIC) (b. 10/02/1962) Cindy married Eric Wayne Johnson on 6/3/1984 in Las Vegas, NV.

Shane Alan Johnson (b. 7/27/1985)

Amanda Kay Johnson (b. 10/25/1988)

JODI LYN PATRICK (MRS. ADAM) (b. 1/24/1971) She married Adam Patrick on 9/10/1999 in Las Vegas, NV.

Brenna Leann Patrick (b. 6/10/1985)

Rhianna Rose Patrick (b. 7/14/1999)

Gladys Rynning (b. 10/02/1919) Her husband, Ishmael, passed away in Feb. 1976. She now lives at the Kittson Memorial Healthcare in Hallock, MN and she loves it! She says the food is great and the workers are super! She makes doilies and other embroidery items that she sells or gives to family and friends.

Richard Elliot (b. 9/11/1942) Rick passed away Dec. 29, 1995. Kathy is remarried and lives in Kennedy, MN. They had three children.

ROB RYNNING – Rob married Darlene Lindberg. They live on the home place, Kennedy, MN. (218) 674-4325. Rob farms and Darlene is the Bookkeeper and Tax Accountant for Johnson Oil. They have one child.

Jordan Lynn Rynning (b. 10/31/1994)

Another child expected at Christmas 2000

CINDY RYNNING LENNON (MRS. J.J.) Cindy is a CPA and J.J. works with Real Estate. They live on the marine in St. Croix, MN. They have 3 children.

Luke Rynning Lennon (b. 10/25/1993)

Matthew Rynning Lennon (b. 6/22/1996)

James Rynning Lennon (b. 8/23/1999)

TIM RYNNING – He is married to Lisa Helgeson. They live in Hallock, MN. Tim farms and Lisa is a teacher in Kennedy, MN. They have three children.

Zachary James Rynning (b. 12/26/1993)

Britta Nicole Rynning (b. 12/16/1995)

Hannah Helgeson Rynning (b. 11/07/1997)

Lynn Rynning (b. 8/25/1943) Lynn and Char live in Kennedy, MN. Their winter address is 1045 N. 1725 W., St. George, Utah, 84770. Lynn is retired from farming buy enjoys helping his nephews in the spring and fall with the crops. Charlette is retiring from art shows this year, but will continue to enjoy painting for friends and family.

Bernice Hanna Lorenson Christopher (b. 10/28/1924) Bernice passed away July 8, 1974. Clayton was born Dec. 28, 1909 and passed away July 9, 1986. They farmed near Emerado, ND. They had three daughters and six grandchildren.

Diane Strom (Mrs. Larry) (b. 10/05/1952) Diane and Larry were married Dec. 2, 1973.

They live in Northwood, ND and have two daughters.

JENNIFER (b. 5/29/1974) Jennifer has a Bachelors Degree from Mayville State College and an Associate Degree in Para-Medicine from EGF Tech.

VANESSA (b. 12/04/1980) She has been attending Moorhead State University and is transferring to UND this fall, majoring in Communications.

Jane Knudtson (Mrs. David) (b. 12/13/1953) Jane and David were married Aug. 25, 1979. They live on the home place at 2781 9th Ave., Emerado, ND 58228. They have two children.

DANIEL (b. 3/12/1982) Daniel graduated from Northwood High School this summer and plans on attending Whapeton State School of Science. His goal is to be an electrician, have his own business and build a house.

LAURA (b. 11/18/1988)

Betty Lynn Devine (Mrs. Ron) Betty and Ron were married Sept. 10, 1983. They live in Manvel, ND. They have two sons.

SEAN (b. 5/09/1986)

JOSHUA (b. 9/11/1988)

Alice Jeanette Lorenson Anderson (Mrs. Lloyd) (b. 4/05/1927) Lloyd passed away of a heart attack on July 21, 1999. Alice moved into the Convalescent Home in Thief River Falls, MN. (She has since passed away.) They had five children.

Margie (Mrs. John) Klassen (b. 5/06/1951) They live at Box 23, Vita, Manitoba, Canada ROA2K0

JOHN KLASSEN (b. 1/29/1974)

JULIE (MRS. TIM) PANAPOULOS (b. 3/05/1975) Julie and Tim married on Dec. 24, 1994. They have two children.

Katerina (b. 9/22/1995)

Thomas (b. 5/26/1999)

DAVID KLASSEN (b. 5/10/1988)

Steve – He married Jane Johnson. They have three children.

JESSICA JO (b. 2/26/1981)

TIMOTHY STEVEN (b. 2/08/1983)

RYAN WAYNE (b. 2/15/1985)

Stewart – died in childbirth on April 1, 1953

Hal (b. 10/31/1954) Hal lives in Karlstad, MN. (He has since moved to the home place.)

Sidney – died as a youngster on February 7, 1950

Mildred Lorenson Sumner (b. 5/06/1929) Milly married Lawrence Sumner on Dec. 7, 1947.

Larry passed away on June 17, 1991. Milly lives at 1017 Lilac Drive, Sullivan, MO. Her phone number is (573) 468-8315. Larry and Millie had 7 children.

Danny Gerald Sumner (b. 4/21/1949) He married Sharon Strothcamp on Oct. 28, 1972. They live at 927 Lynwood, Sullivan MO 63080 and their Email address is They both work for the Sullivan School District. Sharon is a computer teacher in the elementary school and Danny is the bus mechanic. They have two sons.

TRAVIS G. SUMNER (b. 8/23/1974) He works for Target at their headquarters in Minneapolis, MN as a transportation analyst.

TREVOR M. SUMNER (b. 4/04/1977) Trevor works for St. Francis Medical Center, Cape Girardeau, MO as an Account Services Coordinator in the Marketing and Public Relations Dept.

Trudy Marie (b. 7/28/1950) Trudy is an architect at Westward Construction in Sullivan, MO.

Douglas Mark (b. 10/05/1951) Doug married Kathy Schoonover.

JOSHUA TODD (b. 9/10/1982)

ABBY ELIZABETH (b. 9/08/1985)

Brian Patrick (b. 1/26/1953) Brian married Margarita Kern.

MARIA CHRISTINE (b. 11/03/1987)

ELIZABETH ANN (b. 7/20/1989)

ERICA MICHELE (b. 9/10/1990)

ANNA CLAIRE (b. 10/13/1992)

Todd Michael (b. 1/18/1956) Todd works in St. Louis, MO.

Barry Lee (b. 2/03/1957) Barry married Jada Renshaw.

JANELLE LYNN (b. 1/31/1982)

LINDSAY ANN (b. 2/11/1985)

DAVID MICHAEL (b. 8/08/1988)

KATY MICHELE (b. 2/01/1993)

ANDREW LAWRENCE (b. 9/19/1994)

Wendy Lora Wyatt (Mrs. Rick) (b. 2/11/1963) She married Richard Kevin Wyatt on Oct. 14, 1995. They have twin sons.

KEVIN SUMNER (b. 1/09/1999)

PHILLIP MICHAEL (b. 1/09/1999)

Ardyce Ione Lorenson Dahl (b. 2/29/1932) Ardyce has 5 children, 5 grandchildren, and 4 greatgrandchildren.

Owen Bradley Dahl (b. 4/01/1953) Owen and Debbie were married on Nov. 25, 1977. They live on the home place, east of Northwood. Owen operates a welding shop where he does repair, fabrication and portable welding. He is also a part-time instructor for NW Technical College of Detroit Lakes Custom Services, Training Division. Deb is an LPN at Northwood Deaconess Health Center. Their address is 2340 5th Ave. NE, Northwood, ND 58267-9723. Their Email address is His website is They have three children.

JOEL PATRICK DAHL (b. 6/11/1974) Joel married Stephanie Strathman on Oct. 5, 1996. They have a home in Sabin, MN. Joel is employed as a C.N.A. at Meritcare Hospital, Fargo, ND, in the Cardiac Care Unit. Steph works for Minnesota Relay, a phone service for hearing impaired, in Moorhead, MN. They have a son.

Noah Ellis (b. 12/02/2004)

RYAN BRADLEY DAHL (b. 5/16/1980) Ryan and his partner, Lisa Wilson, live in Fargo, ND. Ryan is a welder/fabricator at Trail King Manufacturing in West Fargo. Lisa does daycare from their home. They have a daughter and Lisa also has two sons.

Riley Anwyn (b. 2/19/2004)

Tyler (14 years)

Zachary (15 years)

JESSICA LYNN DAHL (b. 11/17/1981) Jessica and her fiancé, Justin Steward, live in Cloquet, MN. They are both employed at Benedictine Health Center in Duluth as C.N.A.’s. They have a son.

Hunter Patrick (b. 10/25/2003)

Susan Rae Dahl (b. 4/25/1954) Susan lives in Grand Forks, ND and is engaged to Terry McEwan, also of Grand Forks who is employed by AgDepot, Inc. - Dakota Contracting.

Ellison John Dahl (b. 4/25/1956) Ellison and his wife, Cheri, were married on Aug. 5, 1995. They live on a farm by Fisher, MN and raise horses, dogs, cats and kids. Ellison works for the Grand Forks County Highway Department and Cheri owns “Best Friends Grooming” (an animal grooming business). Ellison has 2 children.

TAWNYA MARIE BLACKBURN (MRS. BOB) (b. 10/14/1972) Tawnya and Bob live in Bellevue, KY.

Brandon Robert (b. 5/29/1999)

ADAM JOHN DAHL (b. 2/15/1981) Adam lives in Grand Forks, ND and works at Lowes.

JESSILYN KIMBALL (b. 8/25/1985) Jessilyn lives in Grand Forks, ND.

Cindy Marlene Dahl (b. 4/09/1959) Cindy works for the Grand Forks County Social Services. Her address is 815 Chestnut St., Grand Forks, ND 58201 and her telephone is (701)775-6971.

Lance Edward Dahl (b. 10/20/1961) He lives in Hatton, ND with his dog, “Jack.” Lance hauls gravel for Paulson Gravel, Mayville, ND and also operates heavy equipment and works for Transystems during the winter months hauling sugar beets.

Ralph Martini (b. 9/13/1924) He was married to Jeanette Jenkins. They had two children. Ralph passed away 6/11/1972.


Joan Marie

ROBBIE – He and his wife, Lisa, have one son.


Elmer James Martini (b. 5/13/1926) Elmer and Lorene have five children.

Larry Vaugn (b. 5/13/1946) He and his wife, Cheryl, have two children.

KEVIN JAMES (b. 1/18/1969)

KRISTI LYNN (b. 11/18/1971)

David Allen (b. 8/24/1948) Wife, Betty

MELISSA LYNN (b. 11/15/1970)

JOSHUA ALAN (b. 12/23/1973)

JESSICA DAWN (b. 11/11/1977)

Bruce Wayne (b. 1/18/1952) He passed away in 1992.

Julie Ann Dustin (b. 12/24/1957) Husband, Dan

PHILIP THOMAS (b. 7/09/1979) He passed away 1/11/1981.

LEAH MARIE (b. 10/20/1983)

LEVI JAMES (b. 10/12/1985)

DANIEL (b. 1983)

Kathy Marie (McPheeters) (b. 1/30/1959)

DEREK RICHARD (b. 9/01/1981)

JENNY ROSE (b. 3/15/1983)

Louise Martini Knutson (Mrs. Berdean) (b. 10/04/1930) Berdean and Louise are both retired. They live at 206 Silver Spruce Ct., Greenbush, MN 56726. They have 7 children.

LuAine Logan (Mrs. Jim) (b. 8/27/1948) They live in Morris, MN. LuAine is a Loan Officer at UMM and Jim is an Office Manager for Klipsies. They have 2 children.

NICOLE – Husband, Ryan Oksendahl


LaDora Johnson (Mrs. Quentin) (b. 7/30/1950) They live in Chisholm, MN. Dori is a nurse at the Hibbing Clinic. Quentin owns Johnson & Sons Construction. They have three children.

LORINDA SWINDA (MRS. FRANK) -They have three children.






Paula Anderson (Mrs. Michael) (b. 2/22/1956) They live in Thief River Falls, MN. Paula was a nurse at the Dakota Clinic for 27 years and is now in the appraisal business. Mike is an Engineer at Arctic Cat. They have two boys.

CASEY – Wife, Kristy. They have two boys.




Sherree ONeill (Mrs. Hampton) (b. 8/03/1960) They live in Casper, WY, where Hampton is a lawyer.





LaNelle Utter (Mrs. Brian) (b. 4/19/1969) They live in Greenbush, MN. LaNelle is a Graphic Coordinator at Polaris and Brian is Senior Designer at Polaris.




DeLaine Augustson (Mrs. Michael) (b. 5/28/1970) They live in Greenbush, MN. DeLaine is a Deputy Clerk at the Roseau County Court House in Roseau, MN. Michael works at MCI in Pembina, ND. They have two boys.



Bernal Knutson (b. 6/04/1972) Bernie lives in Britt, MN, where he is an Account Representative at Northern State Bank.



Delores Martini (b. April, 1939) She passed away at the age of 4 months and 2 days.

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RASMUS WILLIAM LORENSON (3/08/1891 to 3/11/1982)

Rasmus came from Norway with his parents at the age of six years. They settled first in Iowa and in1902 they homesteaded in Huss Township near Strathcona, MN. He married Esther Strandberg on May 25, 1918. They lived on a farm just east of the Lorens Lorenson Homestead. Esther passed away April 21, 1954 and Rasmus died March 11, 1982. They had eight children.

Edward M. Lorenson (b. 12/16/1918) He married Violet Bentow on Sept. 21, 1940. They lived on a farm east of Strathcona. Violet passed away June 8, 1981. She is buried at the Lorenson Cemetery. Edward now resides at the Nursing Home in Karlstad, MN. Edward and Violet had two daughters.

Marlys Lorenson Sjoholm (b. 7/19/1941) She married Don Sjoholm on July 7, 1962. Don passed away from cancer on June 20, 1990. He is buried at the Lorenson Cemetery, Lot E-1, Row E. Marlys continues to live on the farm. She enjoys her yard work and flower gardening. Her address is 25404 County Road 6, Strathcona, MN 56759. Marlys and Don had two daughters and one son.

DIANE LINDSTROM (MRS. GREGORY) (b. 10/17/1963) Diane works at Arctic in Thief River Falls and Greg works at Polaris in Roseau. They live in rural Wannaska. They have two daughters.

Lynette Ann (b. 2/01/1989)

LaNelle Marie (b. 8/20/1992)

DOREE KLEGSTAD (MRS. GUY) (b. 2/19/1965) Doree and Guy live in rural Wirt, MN. They own Northern Lights Truck and Trailer business at Cohasset. They have three children.

Travis (b. 10/06/1986) He graduated from Bigfork High School in June.

Brent (b. 7/09/1988)

Lynnsey (B. 6/28/1994)

DEAN ALTON (b. 7/14/1970) Dean passed away Sept. 1, 1989. He is buried at Lorenson Cemetery, Lot E-1, Row E.

Marlan Lorenson Herival (b. 1/27/1943) Marlan married Arvid Wallestad on July 22, 1961. He was a teacher for 24 years. They had three children. Arvid passed away on July 23, 1983. Marlan married Ron Herival on July 27, 1985. She is a fishing lure maker for Northland Tackle Co. She enjoys traveling and flower gardening. Ron is retired from Boise Cascade and works part-time for Kootasca as a “handy man.” He enjoys woodworking, gardening, fishing and hunting. He has three daughters. Their address is 2725 Pleasant Ave., International Falls, MN 56649.

RENAE (WALLESTAD) BAHR (b. 11/22/1962) She married Wayne (Bernie) Bahr on June 12, 1982. Renae is an Administrative Assistant/Maximo Administrator at Boise Cascade Corp. She enjoys fishing, gardening and crafts. Wayne is a Papermaker for Boise Cascade and enjoys hunting and fishing. They live at 1020 2nd St., International Falls, MN 56649. They have two sons.

Ryan (b. 8/15/1984) He is currently attending Bemidji State University as a sophomore majoring in Business/Computer Science.

Brett (b. 8/19/1986) He is currently a senior at Falls High School and will be attending BSU this fall majoring in Education/Sports Coaching.

ROLAND WALLESTAD (b. 12/29/1963) He married Connie Gustafson on May 5, 1990. Roland works for the IRS in Bloomington, MN. He enjoys hunting and fishing. Connie enjoys being a full-time mom and doing crafts. They live in Ramsey, MN and have two children.

Mari (b. 12/29/1992) She enjoys soccer and figure skating.

Nathan (b. 7/13/1995) He plays baseball and basketball.

RHONDA (WALLESTAD) ANDERSON (b. 12/29/1963) She married Todd Anderson on June 9, 1983. Rhonda home schools their three daughters. She enjoys cross-stitching and crafts. Todd works as a National Accnt. Manager for Voss Lighting. He enjoys hunting and raising/training dogs. They live in Ponder, TX.

Christine (b. 4/05/1987) She competes in barrel racing and will be graduating this spring.

Stacey (b. 7/27/1989) She enjoys playing soccer.

Jodi (b. 7/29/1996) She enjoys playing soccer.

LISA HERIVAL (b. 1/03/1959) Lisa lives in Littlefork, MN

LAURA (HERIVAL) POLKINGHORNE (b. 2/03/1962) She married Mike

Polkinghorne on Aug. 16, 1985. They live in Littlefork, MN. She has a daughter.

Erica Hauck (b. 9/03/1982)

SUE (HERIVAL) WILLIAMS (b. 8/16/1964) She married Greg Williams on April 26, 1985. They live in Littlefork, MN and have two children.

Amanda (b. 8/03/1985)

Kory (B. 3/06/1991)

Clifford Lorenson (b. 12/05/1920) He married Dorothy Bentow and they farmed east of Strathcona, MN. Clifford passed away on Jan. 18, 1984 and Dorothy on Dec. 4, 1996. They had four boys.

Richard Lorenson (b. 3/30/ 1946) He married Lorraine Melby on Oct. 17, 1964 and they celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary in Oct. 2004. Richard is a retired school administrator and farming, retiring on July 1, 2003. Lorraine retired at the end of Dec. 2004 from Digi-Key Corp. in Thief River Falls, MN. They reside at 24645 110th St, Strathcona, MN. They also became Snowbirds to Apache Jct. AZ in the winter of 2005. Rick and Lorraine have four sons.

JEFFREY RICHARD (b. 9/10/1969) He married Ronda Kindt in May 2001. They live in Chanhassen, MN where Jeff works as a mortgage broker. They have three children.

Stephen Kindt (age 13)

Rachel Kindt (age 11)

Adrianna Lorenson (age 3)

BRAD ALAN (b. 9/24/1975) Brad married Bonita Abel in Aug. 2004. They work and live in Warren, MN.

SCOTT MATTHEW (b. 12/06/ 1976) He married Rebecca Shen June 18, 2005. He teaches first grade at Carey School in San Mateo, CA.

1 Child

MARK RYAN (b. 1/19/1981) He married Katie O’Neill in June, 2004. He works in IT Department at Intereum in Plymouth, MN and they live in Eden Prairie, MN.

1 Child

Ronald Lorenson (b. 4/20/1947) He married Bonnie Lindquist on Aug. 1, 1970 at Strathcona, MN. They live at 3977 110th St., Karlstad, MN 56732. Ron teaches Special Education at Hallock, MN. Bonnie works at the Karlstad Healthcare Center as a C.N.A. and Rehab Aide. They have two children.

JILL MARIE (b. 11/11/1975 at Greenbush, MN) She married Robby Farbo at Thief River Falls on Sept. 15, 2001. They live at St. Hilaire, MN. Robby works at Peterson Lumber where he is an architectural designer. Jill works at Hillcrest Nursing Home in Red Lake Falls, MN as a Registered Nurse/Supervisor.

NICK CLIFFORD (b. 10/11/1989 at Thief River Falls, MN) He attends Heritage Christian School in Karlstad, MN. He loves to play soccer and the piano.

Sheldon Lorenson (b. 10/03/1948) He is married to Claudette.

TIMOTHY LEROY LORENSON (b. 2/02/1976) He passed away as the result of a 4-wheeler accident on Sept. 15, 1989.



Larry Lorenson (b. 4/21/1953) He married Nancy Randall. Larry continues to work with ATV’s at Polaris in Roseau, MN. Nancy works at the Karlstad Healthcare Center as an LPN. They live at 25570 Co. Rd. 8, Greenbush, MN 56726. They have four children.

DEREK SCOTT LORENSON (b. 10/12/1972) Derek is still single. He has moved to Brainerd, MN area and is starting a new job.

DAWN MARIE (LORENSON) BLAZEK (b. 1/06/1980) She married Korey Blazek. They live in the Brainerd, MN area and work for Fed. Ex. Dawn and Korey have two sons.

Kaven (b. 11/11/1999)

Kyle (b. 6/14/2002)

NATHAN PAUL LORENSON (b. 12/05/1985) He went to Northland College for 1 ½ years. He is working at K-Mart in Thief River Falls, MN but is talking about going back to college.

NEAL ALAN LORENSON (b. 3/30/1989) Neal continues to go to Heritage Christian School in Karlstad, MN and is a sophomore. He has 2 years of school left and wants to go to school in Arizona for working in the golf industry. He LOVES golf!

Lillian Lorenson Vacura Koehnlein (b. 10/30/1922) Lillian was married to Edward Vacura. They had four children. He passed away in May of 1977. She married Melvin Koehnlein in October 1982. Melvin passed away June 27, 2003 and Lill on Nov. 8, 2004. Edward, Lillian, and Melvin are buried in the Lorenson Cemetery.

Mavis Vacura Gonshorowski (b. 8/30/1944) Mavis married Gerald Gonshorowski on Jan. 26, 1966. He lost a courageous fight to cancer on May 2, 2004. Mavis retired from Marvin Windows after 15 years of employment. She continues to live at 24321 County Road 23, Greenbush, MN 56726. They were extremely proud of their three children and families.

REBECCA ANN (b. 11/07/1977) She is elf-employed doing interior painting and wallpapering. Hobbies are raising APHA registered horses and enjoying farm life. She is a member of the Roseau County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse. Rebecca is married to Lowell Langaas and they reside on a hobby farm west of Greenbush, MN. Lowell is owner of Lowell’s Auto and Used Car Sales. His hobbies are restoring cars, racing 4-cylinder cars and riding his Harley. They have 3 children.

Cody John (b. 10/09/1989) He is in ninth grade and is employed at River’s Edge convenience store. He enjoys all kinds of sports. In 2002, Cody won the Minnesota State Championship in wrestling in his weight class. He was also named outstanding wrestler at the tournament.

Levi John (b. 1/05/1993) He is in fifth grade. Hobbies are anything to do with motors and whatever goes fast (car racing). He loves working with his Dad.

Taylor Dawn (b. 10/14/1994) She is in fourth grade. Hobbies are drawing, riding and showing horses. Taylor is a junior member of the Roseau County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse.

RACHEL ANN (b. 8/22/1974) Rachel is a Registered Nurse at the 60-bed Greenbush Community Nursing Home. She also raises APHA registered horses, loves spending time on her 7 ½ acre horse farm and is also a member of the Roseau County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse. Rachel is married to Brian Kjos and resides in Greenbush, MN. Brian is manager of the Farmer’s Co-op Ag Service. Hobbies are golfing, fishing, bowling and spending time at the cabin with Braxton, their son.

Braxton John (b. 12/09/1996) He is in the second grade. Hobbies are golfing, summer rec, fishing, and spending time with his Dad at the cabin.

RYAN JENE (b. 2/04/1977) Ryan lives in Greenbush, MN. He is employed at Polaris Industries of Roseau as a fork-lift operator in warehousing. Hobbies are car racing and cooking. He also maintains the family farm property and does snow removal for various parties.

Arlen Vacura (b. 5/08/1947) Arlen is retired and he lives in Huss Township. His mailing Address is P.O. Box 184. He has two daughters.

KRISTINA A. VACURA DAVIS (b. 9/13/1973) She is employed at the Community Bank of Red River Valley in Grand Forks, ND. She resides at 709 N. 3rd St., Grand Forks, ND 58201. She has one son.

Gene Robert (b. 6/29/1996)

JENNIFER LEE VACURA (b. 10/19/1974) She graduated from UND in May, 2004, with a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science and is enrolled for her Masters. She is presently employed at the Northwest Medical Center in Thief River Falls, MN, as a Clinical Lab Scientist. She lives in Huss Township. Her mailing address is P.O. Box 184, Greenbush, MN 56726. She has one son.

Zackary Arlen Scott Vacura (b. 4/24/1996)

Ervin Vacura (b. 8/11/1952)

Gary Vacura (b. 11/12/1955) Gary and Debra have 2 sons.

JONATHAN EDWARD (b. 1/01/1977)

NICKOLAS JAMES (b. 2/21/1980)

Melvin Lorenson (b. 3/20/1924) He married Jane Anderson on June 10, 1946 (59 years ago). He has found that the Golden Years aren’t as “golden” as he had hoped they would be. He has always been a busy person and he can’t adjust to all the idle time. They go driving around the country a lot to see what the farmers are doing and looking for wildlife (and gophers to trap). He enjoys going to Paradise for lunch or a cup of coffee. Jane collects music boxes and “praying hands.” They live at 369 4th St. S. and their mailing address is P.O. Box 35, Greenbush, MN. They both enjoy having someone stop in for coffee. They were blessed with 5 children, 16 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Merle Lorenson (b. 5/18/1948) He married Karen Simmons on June 15, 1968. Merle is semi-retired due to back problems. Karen still works part-time as Postmaster Relief at the Strathcona Post Office. Together, they have a contract delivery route for Airborne Express/ DHL. They enjoy fruit, vegetable and flower gardening. Merle likes to hunt and Karen’s favorite pastime is reading. Their address is 10101 State Hwy. 32, Strathcona, MN 56759. Their Email is Telephone (218) 781-2670. They feel so blessed to have all their children and grandchildren living within 30 miles of them. They had 5 children.

VERNON DALE LORENSON (b. 11/17/1968) He is divorced and lives in Thief River Falls, MN. He operates a computer and electronic sales and service business at 708 Davis Ave N in Thief River Falls. In November of 2006 his company became an authorized electronics recycling center listed with the Minnesota Environmental Protection Agency.  He started and is also the webmaster for this website.  His passion is music: singing, playing, and listening to it!

PAUL BERNARD LORENSON (b. 11/04/1970) He passed away on May 4, 1985 at the age of 14 ½ years. He is buried at Lorenson Cemetery, E4, Row G.

MICHAEL JAMES LORENSON (b. 1/17/1973) He married Melissa Boen on August 27, 1994. Michael works in the IT department of Polaris Ind. in Roseau, MN. Melissa is a full-time mom and home schools their oldest children. They live in Roseau at 408 Maple Lane with their five children. His Email address is

Kayla Elizabeth (b. 8/02/ 1995) Kayla will be in fifth grade. She takes piano lessons and likes arts and crafts. She is Mom’s helper.

Sierra Jane (b. 3/29/1997) She is taking piano lessons, also, and enjoys craft projects. She is a ‘little mom.” She will be in 3rd grade.

Marshall Jedrek (b. 3/08/1999) He likes spending time with his dad. He will be in first grade next fall.

Tanner William (b. 5/15/2001) His favorite pastime is driving Grandpa and Grandma’s electric tractor. He also likes to “vacuum” and “mow lawn.”

Owen James (b. 8/22/2003) He’s a real busy boy and likes to be a clown.

Amelia Joy (b. 4/11/2006)

ANGELA MARIE AYALA (b. 2/13/1977) Angie is married to Saul Ayala. She is a “stay at home” mom, but never has seen a dull moment with these four boys. Saul has worked at Natural Way Mills in Middle River for the past three years, as well as being a handy man known as “Jose the gardener.” He occasionally does work for a local grain bin moving service in the summer months. Saul was born in 1977 in Dilley, TX and lived in Cotulla, TX till the age of 12 when his family moved to Minnesota where he met Angie and his life has never been the same. Saul and Angie live in Strathcona, MN with their four boys.

Saul, Jr. (b. 8/21/1996) Saul attends Middle River School. He enjoys wrestling, helping his Grandpa, computer games, and just being active. He is fascinated with learning about animals of any kind.

Samuel Marcus (b. 1/07/1998) Samuel goes to school at Middle River School. He also participates in the school wrestling program. He enjoys reading and coloring. He likes to ride bike all day!

Seth Jordan (b. 12/16/1998) Seth attends Middle River School and is looking forward to his first year of “full time” school. He enjoys his classmates, especially the girls.

Simon Homero (b. 3/05/2001) Simon attends school in Middle River. He loves school and riding the bus. He is Grandma’s boy.

BRIAN ANTHONY LORENSON (b. 1/30/1979) He married Evie McFarlane on 9/18/1999. Brian has been employed with Polaris for the last 8 years, working in the Quality Assurance department as an auditor. In his spare time, he enjoys building/restoring old pick-ups. Evie is home, mostly, with a very busy son. She enjoys knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading, and anything else that keeps the mind busy. They live in rural Roseau with their son.

Isaac Paul (b. 2/21/2002) Isaac enjoys playing outside with his dog. He also really likes airplanes.

Marcia Lorenson Schmidt (b. 9/20/1949) Marcia married Erich Schmidt on Sept. 2, 1972. They moved back to Sprague, Manitoba, Canada in the spring of 2004 after spending the last 16 years living in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Erich owns a mechanic and welding business and has started cattle farming again. He also cuts wood in the bush and enjoys cutting lumber on his sawmill. Marcia is a housewife and a bookkeeper for their business. She enjoys gardening (both vegetable and flower). They can be reached at Box 199, Sprague, Man., Canada R0A1Z0. Telephone (204) 437-3249. They have 3 children.

NATHAN JEROME SCHMIDT (b. 9/11/1969) He married Shannon Mills on Sept. 3, 1988. They live at 833 Minnitaki Rd. N, Box 58, Minnitaki, Ontario, Canada P0V2E0. Nathan is a Constable with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). He is currently posted to the Dryden Detachment. He enjoys hunting and riding his ATV. Shannon is a SEA at the Riverview Public School in Dryden, Ont. She enjoys quilting, gardening and riding her ATV with her family. They have one son.

Jonathan Erich Schmidt (b. 6/16/1989)  Jonathan is a Master Warrant Officer with the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. As a cadet, Jonathan has traveled to Vernon, B.C. and Whitehorse, Yukon. He enjoys playing his guitars, drums, hunting and riding his ATV.

HEATHER DAWN SCHMIDT SHURVELL (b. 4/02/1974) She married Dean Shurvell on Aug. 23, 1997. They moved from Selkirk to Winnipeg, Manitoba in August 2004 and they reside at 106 Bayview Dr., Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2C0Z4. Heather is employed with the Winnipeg Police Credit Union as a Member Service Representative. She loves what she does and is currently taking courses to further her career. She now has her ten years in with the Credit Union System and is enjoying the benefits. Dean is employed with Gateway Publishing and Book Binding and he enjoys what he does. Dean builds and assembles the machinery that is used to make book bindings, working mostly with the coil binding that you would find on a cookbook. They have two children.

Jamie Shurvell (b. 4/21/2000) Jamie started school in the fall of 2005, and he is very excited. He loves Spiderman and Scooby-Doo and loves playing outside.

Kira Shurvell (b. 5/03/2002) Kira is a little mother and tending to her numerous babies is a full time job. She loves to have picnics and tea parties with her babies.

JEREMY SCOTT SCHMIDT (b. 3/11/1976) He married Tiffany Derache on July 3, 2004 at Thunder Bay, Ontario. Jeremy is a millrite (mechanic) for the planer at the Hudson sawmill. Tiffany is an Education Assistant at Sioux Mountain School in Sioux Lookout. They can be reached at Box 441, Sioux Lookout, Ontario P8T1A5 or phone (807)737-7269.

Judith Esther Lorenson (b. 8/20/1955) She married Doug Bergsnev on Nov. 11, 1972. She is a stay at home Grandma doing child care for her grandson and volunteer work for their church and Christian School. Doug works as a maintenance supervisor for HUD (100 apts. and 20 family dwellings) in Crosby, MN. He also drives school bus for Crosby- Ironton school district. They enjoy going for walks, being active in their church and going up north whenever they can. They spent 22 ½ years with the US Navy. They now live at 15912 Olsen Lane, Brainerd, MN 56401. They have four children.

JACQUELINE DOREEN (b. 9/26/1973) She works for the University of North Dakota as an Administrative Assistant. She enjoys watching the Minnesota Vikings, having friends over, playing her piano and being involved with her church ministries. She lives in Grand Forks, ND.

DARCY JO (b. 9/05/1975) She works for the Mentor Network as a program coordinator for a group home of four mentally and/or physically challenged men. She enjoys doing crafts, baking and doing crossword and computer puzzles. She lives in Brainerd and has one son.

Dylan Reid (b. 8/01/1999) He is attending Kindergarten at Lake Region Christian School. He enjoys computer games, watching television, reading, riding his new bike and going four-wheeling with his Grandpa.

JENNIFER DAWN (b. 1/01/1979 in Rota, Spain) She married Shane Ebertowski on Oct. 12, 2002. She works for Vanity Stores in Maple Grove, MN as a store manager and as a District Trainer. Shane works as a 2nd Pressman at John Roberts Printing in Coon Rapids, MN and is a Lieutenant in the East Bethel Volunteer Fire Department. They enjoy watching movies, scuba diving and going to Playa Del Carman in Mexico. They live in East Bethel, MN.

DWAYNE JAMES (b. 3/19/1982) He married Sarah Jo Lundgren on March 1, 2003. They recently bought an older four-bedroom house in Brainerd, MN. He works in building construction and is going to school for law enforcement. Sarah Jo works at Brekkens Clothiers as a store manager. They enjoy biking, going to the YMCA, remodeling their home, and their little wiener dog, Zues.

Ricky Lorenson (b. 7/27/1957) He married Vandra Hagen on March 25, 1978. Ricky works in the warehouse and Vandra on the assembly line at Polaris in Roseau, MN. They have a hobby farm at 20749 Highway 11 E, Greenbush, MN 56726 (mailing address is P.O. Box 239). Ricky enjoys hunting and 4-wheeling and Vandra spends her spare time in her garden, 4-wheeling and camping. They have two children.

TERRA LYNN (b. 9/09/1978) She married Daryl Wockenfuss on Aug. 9, 2003. They have purchased a home in Grand Forks, ND. Terra works for Altru Hospital in Grand Forks as an x-ray technician. Daryl is a HVAC installation and service technician at Custom Air. Their hobbies are hunting, softball and camping. They have one child.

Wyatt Scot (b. 4/27/2005)

CHAD OWEN (b. 5/18/1980) Chad owns a home in Bismark, ND. He is employed there as a Mechanical Engineer for Bobcat. He enjoys hunting, fishing and all sports.

David Lorenson (b. 9/15/1960) He married Rebecca Cummings on Oct. 1, 1990. David works at Toro and lives at 614 13th St., Windom, MN 56101. He had two step-sons.

RANDY (J.R.) – (b. 11/11/1982) He passed away 1/24/2002 and is buried at Lorenson Cemetery.

RHETT (b. 9/13/1984) He is in his second year of college.

Eldor Lorenson (b. 1/26/1926) He was born in Huss Township to Rasmus & Esther (Strandberg) Lorenson. He served in the army from March, 1945 to November, 1946. He attended school at Dist. 83 (about ¾ mile from his home). Eldor married Charmaine Modahl on June 30, 1948. They have lived on their farm in Huss Township since their marriage. They purchased it in 1950. They were grain, cattle and turkey farmers. Eldor drove school bus for 15 years for the Grass Lake and Greenbush schools. Their children are Duane, Dennis and Don. They have 8 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. Eldor and Charmaine still reside on their farm at 28038 Co. Road 6, Strathcona, MN 56759.

Duane Lorenson (b. 3/20/1949) Duane married Colleen Brazier in 1968. They live at 912 Old Ridge Road, Greenbush, MN 56726. Duane works as a heavy equipment operator and Colleen is an RN at North Memorial Center in Robbinsdale, MN. They had 4 children.

PATRICK LORENSON (b. 9/01/1968) He married Catherine Cyr on June 25, 1994. Patrick is Chief Loan Officer at Border State Bank and Catherine is a mortician and a substitute teacher. They live at 15812 Co. Rd. 25, Greenbush, MN 56726. They have three children.

Maria (b. 7/05/1996)

Joseph (b. 7/09/1998)

Lily (b. 11/11/2002)

ELLE LORENSON GROTHAUS (b. 7/07/1969) She married Daren Grothaus on 11/16/2002. Elle is employed at Cargill in Minnetonka, MN as a manager of Talent Recruiting. Daren works for General Mills in Golden Valley, MN. They live in Minnetrista, MN.

BESS LORENSON (b. 6/08/1972) She passed away 1/07/1983 and is buried in Lorenson Cemetery.

NOAH LORENSON (b. 4/10/1979) He is self employed on his farm in rural Greenbush, MN.

Dennis Lorenson (b. 7/27/1951) He married Roberta McFarlane in 1970. They reside in Karlstad, MN (Box 125). Dennis works for C.S. McCrossen Construction in Maple Grove, MN. They have four children.

TRACY (b. 3/19/1971) Tracy owns and operates her own cosmetology shop in Lancaster, MN. She now lives three miles northwest of Lake Bronson, MN. Tracy has a very special friend, Jamie Pearson, also of the Lake Bronson area. He owns his own carpentry business. Her four children attend school at Lancaster, MN.

Jake Stephen (b. 5/30/1988)

Brandi (b. 9/18/1989)

Paige (b. 9/21/1991)

Hope (b. 9/25/1997)

TRAVIS (b. 10/27/1973) Travis is engaged to Brook Renteria. They live in Brooklyn Center, MN. Travis works for C.S. McCrossen Construction in Maple Grove, MN. Brook works for Gap at Brookdale Mall near their home and is also a Mary Kay consultant. They have a son.

Killian (b. 10/22/1996)

TRENT (b. 6/24/1975) He married Jami Spilde on Aug. 29, 1998. They live in Karlstad, MN. Trent works for C.S. McCrossen Construction in Maple Grove, MN. Jami works for Digi-Key in Thief River Falls, MN. They have one child.

Ashlyn (B. 3/04/1999)

TREVOR (b. 3/27/1980) Trevor works for C.S. McCrossen in Construction in Maple Grove, MN. He became engaged on Christmas of 2004 to Kelsie Mae of Grygla, MN. She is presently going to school in Grand Forks, ND and will graduate in May, 2005, as a Radiologic Technologist. They plan to wed in Oct. 2005.

Don Lorenson (b. 2/20/1955) He died as the result of a car accident on Feb. 13, 1985.

Delores Ann Lorenson (b. 7/04/1928) She passed away on Oct. 12, 1998 at 70 years of age. Her husband, Edwin Olaf Stromlund, passed away on Sept. 26, 2004 at 88 years. They had 3 children.

Loren Stromlund (b. 11/23/1948)



Darrell Allan Stromlund (b. 5/27/1952) He married Debra Sue Wilebski on July 22, 1976. They live at 23497 Co. Rd. 6, Strathcona, MN 56759. They had 4 boys.

JOSHUA RICHARD STROMLUND (b. 3/03/1975) He married Kara Leigh Olson on Oct. 3, 1998. They live in Baudette, MN.

Riley Duane Stromlund (b. 9/30/2003)

AARON DARRELL STROMLUND (B. 10/11/1976) He married Katie Marie Burggraf on Sept. 19, 1998. They live in Austin, MN.

Molly Marie Stromlund (b. 5/02/2002)

Isaac Aaron Stromlund (b. 11/09/2004)

CHAD ALLAN STROMLUND (b. 2/20/1983) He lives in Thief River Falls, MN.

RYAN SCOTT STROMLUND (b. 2/14/1984) He lives in Strathcona, MN.

Denae Evone Stromlund Blawat (b. 5/16/1956) She married Bradley Blawat 28 years ago, July 23, 1977. They live at 30255 Pembina Trail NW, Viking, MN 56760. They have 5 children.

MELANIE SUE BLAWAT SUNDBY (b. 12/01/1977) She married Jonathan Sundby on April 17, 2004 and are expecting their first child in October. They live in East Grand Forks, MN. Melanie is a pre-school teacher for Head Start and received her degree at Bemidji State. Her husband, Jon, is an architectural landscaper, and is the manager of Strata Corp. of Grand Forks, ND in the landscaping division.

MANDI JO BLAWAT (b. 9/19/1981) She went to 4 years of college at the University of Minnesota Duluth for marketing and now lives in Minneapolis, MN where she works for Great Clips, Inc. in their marketing division. She has been dating Eric Peterson of Thief River Falls, MN for 4 years and does have plans in the future to be married to him. He is a computer engineer.

MARK EDWIN BLAWAT (b. 8/31/1987) Mark is 17 years old and a junior in high school at Marshall County Central in Newfolden, MN and hopefully will graduate in 2006. He is active in football, basketball and track. He enjoys farming with his dad when school’s out. He also works for Phil Klopp construction during the summers. He cuts and sells wood during winter months to earn extra cash. He is also in 4-H.

MELLISSA ANN BLAWAT (b. 3/29/1990) Mellissa Ann Blawat is 15 years and a freshman at MCC in Newfolden, MN. She is very active in sports: volleyball, basketball and runs the 2 mile in track in the spring. She’s active in church and baby sits for the neighbors for extra cash when her older brother doesn’t want to. She is also active in 4-H and does showmanship with her sheep.

MIKAL BRADLEY BLAWAT (b. 8/03/1991) He is 14 years old. Because he is the last child, he definitely is a challenge and gives Mom and Dad “a run for their money” as they say. He’s a seventh grader at MCC. He lives to play football. He also plays basketball and is in track. He’s forever wondering how he can earn some money, so he mows lawn. He is a very busy young man.

Randall Lorenson (b. 8/12/1930) Randy married Deloris Jackson and they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2003. They were awarded the Century Farm Award in 2004. They enjoyed their retirement from farming, raising cattle and the gravel business.  Randy passed away August 11, 2005 after a short bout with cancer.   He is very sadly missed by his family.  His wife Deloris still lives at 11331 270th Ave, Strathcona, MN. Her telephone number is (218) 781-2676. They had nine children.

Vicky Marlene (b. 6/20/1952) Vicky lives in her double wide at 109 E. McKenzie Ave., Strathcona, MN. She has been employed at Polaris at Roseau, MN for 23 years. She also serves on the Strathcona Town Council and the Women’s Club.

RaeAnn Coleen (b. 10/01/1953) She married Dennis Wahl on June 18, 1977. They live north of Greenbush, MN at 32499 200th Ave. Dennis has a welding shop on the farm. He loves to hunt and fish. RaeAnn works as a materials clerk at Roseau Area Hospital and Homes and loves being a Grandma. They have two children and one grandchild.

JEREMY DENNIS WAHL (b. 10/09/1979) He attended N.W. Technical College in East Grand Forks, MN and is a certified welder. He loves hunting, fishing and snowmobiling.

JESSICA RAE WAHL DURAY (b. 10/04/1981) She married Jeremy Duray June 16, 2001. Jessica attended St. Cloud Technical College and has a two year Associate in advertising. She is a stay at home Mom now. Her husband works construction with Construction Engineers of Grand Forks, ND. They have a daughter and expecting No. 2 in July.

Halle Ava Duray (b. 8/18/2003)

Roger Warren (b. 6/12/1955) He married Ardith Miller. They purchased her parents family farm and remodeled their home. They live at 22936 Co. Rd. 22, Greenbush, MN. Roger is employed by Burkel Trucking and Ardy teaches school in Middle River, MN. They had two children.

DONAVON WAYNE (b. 12/02/1987) He passed away 12/06/1987.

DUSTIN WARREN (b. 6/14/1989) He was just confirmed. He attends Middle River School where his Mom teaches. He plays baseball.

LaMarr Dean (b. 6/16/1957) He married Gwendolyn Jacobson and their address is P.O. Box 243, Greenbush, MN 56726. Lee is employed at Wahl Brothers Racing and Gwen does day care. They have three children.

LORALIE DAWN (b. 10/23/1982) She is employed at River’s Edge in Greenbush.

CHRISTINE LORRAINE (b. 2/03/1985) She is employed in Thief River Falls.

RYAN LEE (b. 6/09/1987) He will graduate from H.S. this spring.

Douglas Joel (b. 11/12/1958) He married Noreen Svegdahl Hamness on Dec. 30, 2000. Doug sold his business in Greenbush (Doug’s Repair) due to back surgery. He now works for Kuznia Farms. Noreen has worked at the Greenbush Nursing Home for 32 years. Their address is 15375 Co. Line Rd. NE, Strathcona, MN 56759. Doug has one daughter and three step-children.

DAYDRA LORENSON (b. 4/05/1990)

DEVVIN (b. 5/06/1983)

KJERSTIE HAMNESS BERTILRUD – She married Jason Bertilrud on Mar. 30, 1996. They have two children.

Breydon (3 years)

Tessany (1 year)

RORY HAMNESS – He is single and works at Polaris as an electrician.

Danny Loren (b. 6/04/1960) Danny was born the day that Great-Grandpa Lorenson would have been 100 years old. Danny married Debra Ness May 4, 1985. He now owns and operates “Dan’s Bumper to Bumper” in Greenbush, MN. Debbie works at Polaris in Roseau, MN. They live in rural Wannaska, MN. (P.O. Box 67) They have three children.

ANNIE (b. 11/17/1994) She attends school in Malung.

ASHLEY (b. 5/05/1996) She attends school in Malung.

ADAM (b. 7/27/1998) He attends school in Wannaska.

Pamela Joyce (b. 6/14/1961) Pam is married to Chuck Ullman. They live at 34535 Co. Rd. 133, Salol, MN (north of Salol). She is a custodian at the Roseau School where their son, Zachary, goes. Chuck is a cement contractor and hauls pulp in the winter. He has two sons.

ZACHARY WAYNE (b. 12/18/1991)

OLIVER (b. 5/26/1980)

BENJAMIN (b. 11/28/1981)

Merrilee Joyce (b. 9/06/1962) She is married to Peter Guzman and they live in Grand Forks, ND. Merrilee is a custodian at Central High School and Peter is a barber at the Mall. They have three children.

JONATHAN RASMUS (b. 3/15/1988)

AMANDA RAE (b. 2/23/1989)

MICHAEL (b. 3/23/1995)

Marlo Ken Lorenson (b. 8/12/1964 on his dad’s birthday) He married Theresa Kim Stotts on July 14, 1990. Marlo worked for the Greenbush Implement for 12 years. He is presently employed by Central Boiler/Central Fireplace. Theresa (Terry) worked at the Greenbush Tribune for 8 years. She is presently working at Digi-Key in Thief River Falls, MN. they live at 474 2nd St. N, Greenbush, MN 56726. Email: They have two children.

ANTHONY JAMES (b. 8/03/1992) He enjoys wrestling, basketball, camping, and 4-H.

MICHELE MAE (b. 7/07/1994) She enjoys basketball, cheering, camping, and 4-H

Lila Lorenson Anderson (b. 8/17/1932) She married Kennis Anderson. They live on their farm west of Greenbush (18520 Cty. Rd. 29, Greenbush, MN 56726). Ken is retired from Land-o- Lakes. Lila retired from the painting, wallpapering business (other than doing their own). They love helping out any of our family, too. Ken and Maurice B. (an old neighbor) cut wood in the fall and spring for winter heat. You can’t beat the all around warmth of wood heat, especially if you have been outdoors in the cold. They have eight great-grandchildren. Their telephone number is (218) 782-2514.

VerJean (Anderson) Streeter (b. 4/25/1952) She married Robert H. Streeter Aug. 19, 1978. They live at 6757 E. Shadow Lake Dr., Lino Lakes, MN 55014 (a suburb northeast of the Twin Cities). VerJean has been working at Faegre & Benson LLP, a law firm in downtown Minneapolis, since Oct. 1986 and is currently a Retirement Plan Analyst. Bob has been working for the Department of Defense since Feb. 1987 as a Project Integrator based at Alliant Techsystems in Plymouth. They have 2 girls who are only 20 minutes away and they would be hard pressed to move too far away.

TIFFANY – married Peter Simon on Oct. 29, 2004 and started teaching 8th grade English at Northdale Middle School in Coon Rapids last fall. She is currently working on her Master’s Degree. Pete is working and also going to school. They live in a townhouse in Blaine, MN. They just got 2 little kittens – “twin boys.”

CRYSTAL gave her parents their first grandchild and they say that Maddie is the most precious addition to their family. Crystal works at a dental office, goes to school part-time and has a townhouse in Blaine.

Madelyn Michelle (b. 11/27/2000)

Eleen Anderson Barrett (b. 8/08/1953) Eleen lives at 505 7th St. SW, Roseau, MN 56751. She had three children.

MICHELLE SWANSON (b. 11/19/1975) She passed away 10/12/1996 as the result of a car accident.

KELLY BARRETT (b. 2/13/1979) Kelly lives about 6 miles out of Greenbush.

JASON BARRETT (b. 5/11/1980) Jason lives in Middle River, MN and works for Peterson Trucking.

Jeffrey Anderson (b. 9/05/1954) Jeff married Julie Zak on Dec. 22, 1977. He farms and works at Marvin Windows at Warroad, MN. Julie works at Rivers Edge in Greenbush.They live at 17082 State Hwy. 11, Greenbush, MN 56726. They have three children.

CHRIS – He married Alicia Johnson on July 29, 2000. Chris works at Marvin Windows at Warroad, MN and also raises buffalo. Alicia works at Geroy’s Building Center at Roseau, MN.

SARAH – She married Jeremy Rinde on Aug. 24, 2002. They live at Manvel, ND. Sarah finished school at East Grand Forks Vo Tech for LPN and will be going for RN in the fall of 2005. Jeremy works at the ND State Mill in Grand Forks, ND. They have two children.

BreAnna (3 years)

Hayden (1 year)

KENDALL – He is currently going to college in Waterloo, IA for Police Science.

Laurie Anderson Hart (Mrs. Ian) (b. 10/27/1955) Laurie is a housewife and Ian is a Hardware/Software Engineer at Polaris Industries, where he has worked since 1989. Ian’s hobbies are reading and anything that involves computers. Laurie’s hobbies are reading an hand crafts. They have been married for 16 years. They live at 18442 Co. Rd. 29, Greenbush, MN 56726, near her parents. There are no plans for continuing mission work.

Terri Anderson Lindemoen (b. 2/23/1957) Merlyn and I met on a blind date on June 11, 1977 and we were married nine months later on March 11, 1978. We bought a one and a half story home in 1990. We live one mile north of Newfolden at 13406 340th St. We had three children and now have two grandchildren and one step-grandchild. Our Email is

ERIC ANTHONY (b. 5/08/1980)  He works for Triple D Construction and hauls huge machinery and works with the back hoe, cleaning ditches ext.  Eric has a girlfriend and her name is Jessica Klason (b. 04/16/1980) with a daughter Daphney (b. 01/05/2001) from Oklee.   Jessica works at Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls. They plan on being married on March 16, 2007.

Mekalia Marie (b. 6/10/1998)

Natalie Rae (b. 12/29/2004)

KENNIS RICHARD (stillborn 8/22/1982)

ANN MARIE (b. 12/22/1984) Ann is currently going to college at UND in Grand Forks, ND. She works at the ARC (Aid to Retarded Citizens) in Grand Forks. She enjoys working with the people who work there. During the summer she goes south with her father custom combining, which she enjoys very much. She has done this for the past four years.

Karolyn Anderson (b. 5/10/1958) Karolyn and Candace live at 1475 17th St. 9B, Windom, MN 56101. She waitresses and irons clothes for a family business. She has two children.

STACY RICHTER (b. 8/17/1977) She is a waitress in the Mall of America at Twin City Grill. Stacy and family are living in St. Paul, MN. Her special friend is Brett Holm.

Caleb Jackson (b. 7/20/1994)

Zion Len (b. 9/20/1999)

Micah Rose (b. 9/20/1999)

CANDACE (b. 5/31/1981) Candace works at DAC in Windom.

Bruce Anderson (b. 7/23/1959 in Greenbush, MN) He married Carol Howdahl on July 1, 1989. Carol was born 11/15/1970. They currently reside at 18960 170th Ave, Greenbush, MN 56726. Their Email address is Bruce and Carol are farmers and also raise beef cattle. Bruce drives school bus for the Greenbush/Middle River School.  He also serves on the Hereim Township board as the clerk and is a director of the local fertilizer plant board. Carol works as a para-professional at the Greenbush/Middle River School. Bruce and Carol spend their time running to their children’s sporting events and, if there is time left, the family loves to go fishing, hunting, golfing and ride snowmobiles.

NICOLE ELIZABETH (b. 6/12/1991 at Greenbush, MN) She is active in the band, choir, volleyball, drama, softball and cheerleading.

BENJAMIN LLOYD (b. 8/20/1992 at Roseau, MN) Ben is active in football, wrestling and golf.

Bradley Anderson (b. 3/12/1961) He married Lynette on July 2, 1994 in Windom, MN. Their address is 93339 450th Ave., Windom, MN 56101-4200. Brad currently works in maintenance for the Windom Area Hospital and Lynette welds at Agco Corporation. With the help of their wonderful family and friends, they built their home in 2001 on Lynette’s family farm that was celebrated as a Century Farm in 1995. They have no children.

Rebecca Anderson Lorenson (b. 1/30/1963) Becky works as a waitress, cleans a bank and irons clothes for a company in Windom. Her husband, David, works at Toro. They live at 914 13th St., Windom, MN 56101-1355. She had two children.

RANDY (J.R.) – (b. 11/11/1982) He passed away 1/24/2002.

RHETT (b. 9/13/1984) Rhett is in his second year of college.

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JULIA LORENSON JOHNSON (2/10/1893 to2/10/1975)

Julia was born Feb. 10, 1893. She married Pete B. Johnson on March 28, 1913. They lived on a farm east of Strathcona, MN. Pete passed away in 1948. Julia made her home in Middle River, MN until she passed away on Feb. 10, 1975 at the age of 82 years. They had three children.

Beatrice Johnson Olson (b. 3/13/1914) Beatrice married Gilbert Olson on July 1, 1933. They lived around Strathcona and Middle River the majority of their lives, farming and operating various restaurants in the area. Beatrice passed away Nov. 8, 1978 at the age of 64 years and Gilbert passed away on Sept. 27, 1979. They had seven children.

Margaret (b. 9/03/1934) Margaret married Alvin Swenson Aug. 5, 1968. They lived and farmed at rural Greenbush, MN until Alvin’s death in 1991. Margaret then moved to Middle River, MN where she passed away Sept. 22, 2004 at age 70. She had 4 children.

MARJEAN OLSON WOLFF (b. 10/13/1952) Marjean married Curtis Wolff on June 2, 1973. Curtis is a carpenter and Marjean is Director of Nurses at the Greenbush Nursing Home. They live at 18900 Co. Rd. 6, Strathcona, MN 56759 (west of Strathcona). They have two daughters.

Kara Jane Forst (b. 1/07/1975) She married Dale Forst on Dec. 11, 1993. They have two children.

Trevor Dale (b. 3/28/1993)

Karley Jean (b. 2/09/1997)

Kristi Gustafson (b. 9/05/1976) She married Neil Gustafson on July 18, 1998. They have three children.

Preston Darrell Troy (b. 3/18/1997)

Shantell (b. 6/14/1999)

Eian Marlo (b. 3/03/2002)

MARLORAE “TINY” RYBAKOWSKI HEMP (b. 1/22/1955) Tiny lives in Middle River, MN. She has two daughters.

Mary Swenson McCrite (b. 8/04/1973) She married Kevin McCrite on March 20, 2004.

Tracie Sannes Wappula (B. 4/04/1978) She married Richard Wappula Dec. 11, 2004. She has three children.

Christopher (b. 8/01/1997)

Joshua (b. 11/12/1998)

Bryton (b. 12/07/2001)

JEANETTE “OLE” RYBAKOWSKI PULCZINSKI (b. 1/02/1956) She married Edward Pulczinski June 8, 1974. Edward works at Polaris and “Ole” works for Prairie Services. They have two children.

Joey Pulczinski Benke (b. 3/22/1975) She married Brad Benke in Sept., 2001. She has four children and a step-son.

Christopher Underdahl (b. 4/10/1992)

Karley Underdahl (b. 11/17/1994)

Tyler Underdahl (b. 8/28/1997)

Lexie Benke (b. 4/23/2002)

Devin Benke (5/31/1995)

Chad (b. 8/26/1978) Chad has two children. He plans to marry Jessie Morey in summer, 2005.

Devon (b. 11/07/1995)

Taylor (b. 10/06/1999)

RAYMOND G. RYBAKOWSKI (b. 3/15/1957) He married Cindy Westman June 10, 1978. Raymond is a mail carrier. They have four children.

Mandy Rybakowski (b. 3/01/1977) She married Paul Adelman in 1995.

She married Dabid Lubitz on Oct. 23, 1998. She has two children.

Joshua (b. 9/27/1996)

MacKenzie (b. 9/17/2001)

Mathew (b. 12/30/1978) He married Donna on June 30, 2001. He has two daughters.

Faith (b. 6/15/2000)

Hope (b. 6/28/2002)

Adam (b. 4/15/1981) He is engaged to Tammara Kalbakdalen and plans to marry in 2006.

Amber (b. 8/21/1982) She married Jon Bergeron on May 15, 2004. They have one child.

Julia Rayne (b. 1/12/2005)

Verlin (b. 12/15/1935) Verlin had four children. He passed away Nov. 9, 1995.

NADINE (b. 3/01/1961) Her mother was Eleanore Dahl. She married Randy Duffy. They have three sons.




VERLYN J.R. (PUNKY) - (b. 1/13/1963) His mother was Eleanore Dahl. He married Tracey Koehmstedt. 9/13/1988. He works at Marvin Windows in Warroad, MN. They have four children.

Cassie (b. 9/16/1987)

Jenny (b. 12/21/1989)

Travis (b. 1/20/1992)

Jeremy (b. 2/18/1993)

HARLAN (b. 5/06/1964) His mother was Eleanore Dahl. He married Shannon Shafer 5/11/1991. They both worked at Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls, MN. They have two children.

Niketa (b. 8/22/1986)

Joshua (b. 9/26/1989)

JOAN OLSON KLAMER (b. 5/30/1967) Her mother was Eleanor Dahl. She

married Darwin Klamer 6/22/1985. They have two girls.

Amber (b. 5/27/1988)

Heather (b. 10/30/1992)

Gloria (b. 8/22/1937) She died Jan. 14, 1949 from Polio at age 11.

Gilbert Peter Iver (b. 5/24/1940) He married Clarine Skytland. They had four children and three step-daughters. He died July 10, 1993.

WILLIAM (BILLY) – (b. 10/31/1965) His mother was Janet Brekkestran Olson (deceased). He married Kristie Davis 10/19/1996. Both work at Arctic Cat. They have four children.

Tanja (b. 6/06/1989)

Courtney (b. 2/02/1992)

William (Willy) – (b. 11/10/1994)

Kylie (b. 1/21/2000)

ROBERT “BOB” (b. 8/03/1967) His mother was Janet Brekkestran Olson (deceased). He works for Louie Cater Construction. Bob has three children.

Jessie (b. 12/24/1984)

Richard (b. 7/03/1987)

Ryan (b. 8/04/1988)

GILBERT III “BUTCH” (b. 5/06/1974) He lives and works in the Twin Cities.

BECKY OLSON (b. 10/25/1975, Thief River Falls, MN) She has two daughters.

Linzy (b. 8/28/1994)

Hayley (b. 2/14/1997)

Harlan Morris (b. 11/05/1941) He died Jan. 5, 1942 at the age of 2 months.

Olive Olson Wiskow (b. 10/13/1942) She married Eugene Wiskow (b. 2/07/1935) on Oct. 22, 1960. They own and operate a farm south of Goodridge, MN. Their address is 30266 160th St. NE, Goodridge, MN 56725. They have three sons.

DARRICK WISKOW (b. 10/10/1962) He married Cindy Peterson on June 9, 1984. They both work at Digi-Key in Thief River Falls, MN. They have two sons.

Troy (b. 9/07/1988)

Travis (b. 6/20/1990)

DARRELL WISKOW (b. 12/08/1964) He married Janet Surprenant on June 25, 1988. They live in Red Lake Falls, MN. Darrell works at Kleven Ford and Janet works at the Red Lake County State Bank. The have one son and one daughter.

Brandon (b. 9/16/2000)

Mickayla (b. 8/07/2003)

DEAN WISKOW (b. 10/15/1969) He married Sheila Verbout. Dean works at I.M.S. in Thief River Falls, MN and Sheila works at Altru Clinic. They have one son and one daughter.

Jeremy (b. 3/10/1999)

Amy (b. 7/01/2002)

Sylvia Olson Sannes (b. 10/26/1948) She married Richard Sannes on Sept. 11, 1982. They live at 9 Old Ridge Rd., Newfolden, MN 56738. Richard is a cement mason and works for Lee Construction. Sylvia works at Digi-Key in Thief River Falls. She has 2 daughters.

KARLA HILL LOERZEL (b. 9/23/1974) She married Dan Loerzel on Oct. 9, 1993. She works at Digi-Key and Dan works at Polaris. They have 2 children.

Nicole (b. 11/11/1995)

Brandon (b. 12/30/1997)

COLLETTE SANNES (b. 3/29/1983)

Hilmer Johnson (b. 8/09/1917) Hilmer never married. He passed away in 1987.

Marvin Johnson (b. 6/16/1921) He married Irene McNabb on July 6, 1951. He passed away inGreat Falls, MT on June 1, 1990. Irene still lives in Great Falls. They had nine children.

Marlis Ann Johnson (b. 9/27/1950) She married John Green, Sr. on Nov. 30, 1968. They had two children.

JOHN HENRY, JR. (b. 11/16/1969) He lives with Diane Peterson. They both work at Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls, MN. They have two children.

Courtney Ann (b. 8/29/1993)

Brandon David (b. 11/22/1998)

DEBORAH ANNE (b. 4/20/1972) She married David Hanson April 21, 1989. She married Brent Lee April 14, 1995. She has four children

Brian David Green (b. 10/24/1988)

Aaron Michael Marvin (b. 9/23/1990)

Jessica Ann Lee (b. 10/22/1993)

Nicole Amanda Lee (b. 10/31/1994)

Marlene Helen Johnson (b. 2/20/1952) She married Willard Sorter on July 6, 1969. She married Howard Eitzen on June 4, 1974. She married Gene Babcock and was divorced in April, 2005. She has six children.

LORRIE ALJEAN SORTER (b. 11/07/1969) She married Reuben Jay Wappula on July 15, 1989. They had two children. She married Terry Prickett Dec. 1, 2001.

Brandon Arden Dale (b. Nov. 1990)


MELISSA DAWN EITZEN (b. 11/04/1973) She married David Cox. She married  Jason Fladland. She had two children. She married Anthony Snider.

Cody Cox

Kyle Fladland

MARAL TRYVORE EITZEN (b. 2/17/1975) He married Regina and they had one son.

Maral Trevor (b. 1/17/1998)

GREGORY SEAN EITZEN (b. 6/08/1977)

JACQUE BRITT EITZEN (b. 1/08/1979) She had three children. She married

the children’s grandfather, Terry Johnson, on Dec. 1, 2000.

Trevor Anthony Ryan Hoven (b. 11/24/1995)

Logan Daniel Johnson (b. 3/09/1998)

Elijha Johnson (b. 1/05/2000)

ALISHA MONETT EITZEN (b. 5/26/1980) She married Michael Baxter in 2001. They have one child.

Thalia Lialani (b. 11/22/2001)

Beverly Rosanne Johnson (b. 6/12/1953) She married Curt Allen Underdahl on Nov. 15, 1969. They had two children.

RHONDA LEE ANN WALTON (b. 4/02/1970) She had two daughters. She married Duane Nelson.

Tawnya Olson (b. 6/07/1989)

Kanisha Wilkinson (b. 2/22/1992)

KIRK ALLEN WALTON (b. 7/13/1971) He married Danielle Nieman. She had a daughter and they have one child.


Tavi Allen

Leonard Eugene Johnson (b. 10/12/1954) He married Linda Sletton on Aug. 4, 1979. They have three children.

MICHAEL (b. 4/07/1980)

MITCHEL (b. 8/15/1981) He died in a shooting accident 7/21/2003.

LEONARD, JR. (b. 12/21/1983) He has a son.

Peter Harlan Johnson (b. 10/29/1955) He married Laurie Olson on July 23, 1977. They have three children.

MICHELLE IRENE (b. 2/03/1978) She has one child.

LE ANN MARIE (b. 5/30/1981)

NATHANIEL JEROME (b. 11/21/1985)

Clyde LeRoy (b. 3/16/1957)

VERONICA LARSON (b. 4/02/1980)

Lester Allen Johnson (b. 1/04/1959) He married Voreen Johnson on Feb. 17, 1979. They have four children.

JARROD ALLEN (b. 7/27/1979)

JASON LESTER (b. 1/13/1981)

JOSHUA GREG (b. 4/16/1982) He passed away 6/01/1996.

AMY JEAN (b. 2/22/1984)

Barbara Eilene Johnson (b. 3/05/1962) She married Frank Waggoner in May, 1985. She married Allan Herrig Nov. 30, 1998. She has six children.




CARRIE ANN WAGGONER (b. 5/05/1989)

AMANDA WAGGONER (b. 10/01/1990)

STEPHEN JOHNSON (b. 1/16/1993)

Charemon Phyllis Johnson (b. 9/16/1967) She married Don Marney Aug. 1, 1991. They had two children and adopted their nephew.

KRISTA IRENE (b. 9/29/1990)

TRACE (b. 7/23/1998)


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EDWARD LORENSON (1/13/1896 to 4/21/1969)

Ed married Elizabeth Haverland. They had two daughters. Elizabeth passed away in 1923.He married Laura Woyach on Oct. 28, 1928. They had five sons and one daughter. Laura passed away of cancer on May 30, 1965. Edward passed away from a heart condition on April 21, 1969. Edward, Laura, and Elizabeth are buried in the Lorenson Cemetery.

Thelma Elizabeth Lorenson Madsen Gamma (b. 1/29/1921) She married Walter Madsen in 1939. They had three children. Walter passed away in 1948. Thelma married Calvin Gamma in 1952 and they had two children. She passed away July 19, 2003.

Gerald Madsen (b. 7/10/1940) He is married to Sherry and they live at 496 Lake Blaine Road, Kalispell,MT 59901

GEREMY (b. 7/17/1969)

JEANICE (b. 9/18/1971)

Taylor Marie (b. 9/04/2002)

JANICE (b. 12/31/1978)

Rylin (b. 4/12/2000)

Gracianna (b. 1/01/2004)

JASON (b. 9/21/1980) He passed away April 24, 2004.

Joyce Stokes (b. 6/12/1942) She married Robert Stanton, Marvin Smith, then Mead Eldon Stokes.


Travis Stokes

Tyler Stokes




Janice Elizabeth (died at birth in 1947)

Roland Edward Gamma (b. 5/10/1953) Roland is a logger and his wife, Ella, is a laborer. Their address is 1205 5th Ave. W., Kalispell, Mt 59901. They had three children.

MICHAEL SHANE GAMMA (b. 7/30/1971) He passed away 2/26/1973.

BRUCE GAMMA (b. 7/30/1977) He works in construction.

BRICE GAMMA (b. 7/30/1977) He is married to Lindsay. He is a logger.

Roleen Elizabeth Gamma Anderson (b. 9/14/1954) She married Carl Anderson. She is an office manager for a surgeon and Carl is a logger. Their address: 2908 Farm to Marker Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901. Their telephone number is (406)755-7815. They have two daughters.

KRISHA LEIGH ANDERSON DULL (b. 6/19/1975) She married Joseph Dull. He is a diesel mechanic and she is a stay at home Mom. Telephone (406)257-7661.

They have two children.

Wyatt Dull (b. 3/01/1999)

Elizabeth Dull (b. 7/01/2002)

LISA MARIE ANDERSON SCHNECKENDGUST (b. 3/27/1977) She is a secretary and her husband, Jason, is a supervisor. They have one child. Telephone: (406) 756-9617

Jaden Schneckendgust

Grace Lorenson Griffin – She and her husband had three children.

Bonita Jean Kinkade (Mrs. Ralph) P.O. Box 303 @50 Sirretta, Kernville, CA 93238. Telephone (760)376-3911

TAMMY LYNN (b. 5/13/1964) She passed away 5/17/1989.

Stephen James Seago, Jr.

RALPH DORIAN, JR. (b. 9/20/1967) He married Susanne Harwell.

Janelle Amber (b. 2/02/1989)

Bryan – We believe he is living in Texas

Richard – He is married to Pamela and living in Florida.



Edward, Jr. Lorenson (b. 8/11/1930) He married Joyce Soyring on Feb. 11. 1956. They live at 33240 Co. Rd. 5, Warroad, MN 56763

Donald Lorenson (b. 1/29/1932) He died Aug. 31, 1946 as a result of Polio when he was 14 years old. Donald is buried at St. Joseph’s Church yard in Benwood, MN.

Raymond Earl Lorenson (b. 11/16/1933) Raymond enlisted in the US Army as a Paratrooper in July 1953. He was discharged in July 1956. He married Charlotte Kay Jensen March 16, 1957. They now live at 21328 S. US 169, Grand Rapids, MN 55744. Telephone: (218)326-6524. Email is They are both retired now after selling their Service Master franchise that they operated for 26 years. Ray still likes to work at his hobbies of wrought iron, woodwork, and old rusty trucks. Charlotte likes home design and decorating and baking the best brown bread in the world. (She’ll have some ready if you let us know when you’re coming. The potato klub and coffee is ready shortly!) She also enjoys helping with grandkids, Cody and Shelby. Ray and Charlotte have four children.

Joyleen Renee (b. 5/16/1958) She was married to Tim Castle. Joy is employed by Northwest Airlines at Chisholm, MN as a reservationist and customer relations representative. She is also a computer drafter and has done some very neat stuff, such as designing the lodge at Lutsen’s Ski and Resort on the North Shore. She lives at #2 Irene Drive in Grand Rapids. Joy and Tim had four children.

KERISA MARANN (b. 7/08/1984) She is married to Josh Chapek. They live in Wassilla, AK where Josh is in the Air Force. They have a 1 year old girl.

Kaylee Marann (b. 7/20/2004)

KARA 0’JANA CASTLE (b. 1/28/1989) She lives with her dad in Prior Lake, MN where she plays hockey goalie and is into photography.

CODY LEE CASTLE (b. 10/13/1996) He loves wrestling, doing very good on violin and music.

SHELBY ANGEL CASTLE (b. 1/13/1996) She loves her violin and also is in dance and music.

Karol Jean (Mrs. Mark) Roadhouse (b. 7/15/1960 in Thief River Falls, MN) They live in Osborne, KS where Karol does Insurance Consultant work. She has an office in her home but does most of her work in the field. Mark works for Kansas Power, Light and Gas. He does all the gas work for 4 towns in the Osborne area. They have two girls.

AMBER RAE ROADHOUSE (b. 3/30/82) Amber is now an insurance underwriter for a company in McPherson, KS after graduation from Hays University with a degree in math. She coaches youth basketball plus many other things.

APRIL DAWN ROADHOUSE (b. 4/12/1984) She is a Junior at Washburn University in Topeka, KS. (The Washburn “Lady Blues” basketball team won the NCAA Division 2 National Basketball Championship and Grandpa Ray and Gramma Charlotte were there to see it. What a thrill!)

Bryan Earl Lorenson (b. 12/01/1961) Bryan married Jean Erickson from Austin, MN. They live in Anchorage, AK where he works as a Journeyman Electrician foreman. Jean does her medical transcriptional work out of her home office and is kept very busy with that and their 2 daughters, and also on their ranch at Talkeetna, AK where they hope to build their dreams. Jean loves fishing, 4-wheeling with her family, and they all love to talk about Jesus.

TAYLOR JANA (b. 2/09/1991) She loves singing in school choir, making “A’s”, and 4-wheeling in Talkeetna back country.

HALEY CORYN (b. 7/16/1993) She is now 11 years old and loves school and their dogs. She also likes to go 4-wheeling.

Jonathan Earl Lorenson (b. 11/15/1967) Jon lives in Anchorage, AK, is in construction – from concrete to the finishing, he does it all. He’ll spend all his free time on Prince William sound, where he loves to fish for ling cod and jumbo shrimp. (And he’d like “Daddy” to come up there and help him!) He also is very good at sausage making (moose and caribou), bear hunting, and deer hunting from a boat.

Robert Stanley Lorenson (b. 8/18/1935) He married Marilyn on Dec. 9, 1972. Bob retired from farming in 1987 and Marilyn retired from Polaris in 2000. They live on the home farm at 45573 250th Ave. NE, Middle River, MN 56737. They had six children.

Vincent – He passed away as the result of a car accident in 1977.

Michael – Mike and his wife, Rose, live in Karlstad, MN. He works for American Crystal Sugar in Drayton, ND and Rose works for Digi-Key in Thief River Falls, MN. They have two boys.

NICHOLAS (age 20) He attends Northland College.

MARK (age 16) He is a Junior in High School.

Valerie – She lives in Selma, CA and has two children.

BRANDI (age 25) She has three children.

Emerald (age 5)

Zantasia (age 4)

Steven, Jr. (age 3)

DANIEL (GABBY) – (age 21)

Tracy (Mrs. Gaylan) Melvie – They live near Newfolden, MN and both work at Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls, MN. They have two children.

JACOB (age 21) He works at Radio Shack and is in the National Guard.

VANESSA (age 18) She is still in training in the National Guard.

Jennifer – She lives in Thief River Falls, MN and works at Arctic Cat. She has 3 children.

KARLEY (age 10)

BRADY (age 9)

ASHLEY (age 8)

Jamie – He and his wife, Deana, live in International Falls, MN. Jamie works as a Drafter for Bartlett and Asst. at the paper mill. Deana teaches school and is active on the ambulance squad. They have two children.



Arnold Roy Lorenson (b. 12/22/1936) He married Peggy in 1996. They live in Emily, MN.

Laurie Ann Odden (Mrs. Jim) – They live in Montecello, MN.

Robbie Lynn Oeltjenbrunf (Mrs. Luke) – They live in Hutchinson, MN.

Arnold, Jr. – died in childbirth in 1965

Loretta Lorenson – born and died on 12/17/1937. Loretta is buried at the St. Joseph’s church yard in Benwood, MN.

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CARL LORENSON (8/1898 to 8/05/1961)

Carl married Minnie Riski in Nov.1928. They had two children. He passed away Aug. 5, 1961.

Carl Joseph – He married Nancy Nunes. They had three children. He passed away Dec. 22, 1983.

CARL JOSEPH, JR. (b. 7/16/1962)

PATRICIA (b. 8/07/1964)

DEBIE L. (b. 11/16/1965)

Leone Joanne (b. 5/06/1935) She passed away on Dec. 22, 1983.

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Nannie passed away in childhool in 1903. No further information has been found.

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MARY LORENSON CHRISTIANSON (2/04/1904 to 3/1977)

Mary was born Feb. 4, 1904 and was adopted by Lorens and Elizabeth Lorenson in December. She was married to Hans Christianson. He was a railroad man and they lived in Rainy River, The Pas and Wabowden. They are both buried in Wabowden, Manitoba, Canada. We have been unable to find any further information.