On these pages we will attempt to keep a complete listing of all of the many descendants of Lorens and Elizabeth Lorenson. There is ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE that the information contained on this site is accurate, as the webmaster is only a mere human. When this site is complete, each member of the family will have their own page listing information about that person and any pictures they wish to share as well as a listing of their children.  The information provided in these pages is only as accurate as the information we receive.  We have very little information about some family members and an abundance of information on others.  This is not an attempt to show any favoritism, but is due primarily to the lack of response from certain family branches or individual members.  If you find any errors or omissions or if you have any additional information about any of the members of our family, please email the information as well as any photos you wish to share to the webmaster by clicking here and we will be sure to get the updates on the site as soon as possible.   

With all that said, we will begin with the listing of the family.  We begin with Lorens and Elizabeth Lorenson.  Each of  their children in the list will have a link to their own page. From each of these pages you can get to their children (grandchildren of Lorens and Elizabeth) and then their children (great-grandchildren of Lorens and Elizabeth) and so on.  You can also view the complete family listing by going to the Family page.  Keep in mind that this is a HUGE page with a lot of data so expect it to load slowly. 

We will also be creating an alphabetical listing of all family members making it easier to find who you are looking for.

Another feature we hope to add soon will be a listing by generation section.  This will list the children of Lorens and Elizabeth on one page, grandchildren on another, great-grandchildren on another etc... This will allow us to see just how large our family grows with each new generation.


PLEASE NOTE:  All of this work building this site is VERY TIME CONSUMING.  This page is being built only as time permits.  Anyone with computer knowledge that wishes to help would be greatly appreciated.  Any family members that wish to design their own page would also be great.  This will allow us to share our creative talents with the rest of our family and the entire world.  Donations toward the upkeep of this site would be gladly accepted.  Although this site does not cost a lot now, as the site grows, so will its hosting cost.  If at any time the donations exceed the cost of maintaining the site, the excess will go toward the family reunion fund.