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REV. NIKOLAI K. LORENSON (4/23/1883 to 9/09/1947)

Nick was born April 23, 1883. He married Ingaborg Lillegard. She was born on Dec. 25, 1886 and passed away May 26, 1910. She is buried in the Zion Cemetery near Greenbush, MN. They had one son, Norman. Nick then married Leona Bratten. Leona was born in 1894and passed away in 1948. Nick died Aug. 9, 1947. Nick and Leona are buried at Bagley, MN. Their children are Harris, Bonnie, and LaVonne.


Norman C. Lorenson (b. 1907)

Harris Clark Lorenson (b. 12/14/1914)

Bonnie Lorenson Thompson

LaVonne Lemke