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RASMUS WILLIAM LORENSON (3/08/1891 to 3/11/1982)

Rasmus was born in Norway.  He was the 6th child of Lorens and Elizabeth Lorenson.  He came from Norway with his parents at the age of six years. They settled first in Iowa and in 1902 they homesteaded in Huss Township near Strathcona, MN. He married Esther Strandberg on May 25, 1918. They lived on a farm just east of the Lorens Lorenson Homestead. Esther passed away April 21, 1954. Rasmus was voted Roseau County senior citizen of the year in 1980. Rasmus passed away March 11, 1982.

Rasmus and Esther had eight children.

Edward M. Lorenson (b. 12/16/1918)

Clifford Lorenson (b. 12/05/1920)

Lillian Lorenson Vacura Koehnlein (b. 10/30/1922)

Melvin Lorenson (b. 3/20/1924)

Eldor Lorenson (b. 1/26/1926)

Delores Ann Lorenson (b. 7/04/1928)

Randall Lorenson (b. 8/12/1930)

Lila Lorenson Anderson (b. 8/17/1932)